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107 Accompany Me to Sleep

 "Just for tonight, I'm too scared," Xia Qingyi said.

"It's just a nightmare, what's there to be scared of?" Mo Han only smiled, but he did not remove her hands from his waist.

"I'm really quiet when I sleep, I won't bother you."

"How about this, I'll stay here and watch over you until you fall asleep before I go off," Mo Han said.

The Xia Qingyi in his arms shook her head stubbornly and said, "No, you can't leave."

Mo Han sighed. He wanted to pull Xia Qingyi's hands away, but she kept holding him tighter until Mo Han felt as though he was going to be strangled to death, so he simply gave up. "Alright, I'll accompany you to sleep."

Only then did Xia Qingyi release her hands, wanting to pull Mo Han onto the bed.

"At least wait until I've switched off the lights outside," Mo Han said exasperatedly.

Xia Qingyi looked at him suspiciously, and was a little anxious when she released his hand. "You have to accompany me to sleep."

Mo Han let out another sigh internally. When he got up to switch off the lights, he thought, just treat it as a way of a brother reassuring his sister, other people would probably do the same as well.

Except that after he switched off the light and walked back to Xia Qingyi's bedside, he was still feeling a little uncomfortable. He scratched his head, slowly walked back, and flipped open her blanket. Next to him, Xia Qingyi never showed a single sign of discomfort, and moved quietly to make space for Mo Han before she waited for him to come up.

Mo Han felt that Xia Qingyi's eyes kept following him in the dark. He stood at the bedside staring at her for a while before choosing to lie on the bed in the end, accompanying her to sleep.

He seemed to always be unable to reject her request.

Mo Han originally thought that Xia Qingyi would immediately come over to hug him to sleep when he lay down, but she only lay quietly beside Mo Han, leaving some distance between them, and she lay on her side facing him as she slept.

After a long time, he then heard Xia Qingyi's soft pleading voice in the dark. "Can I hold your hand?"

He did not move and did not speak, like someone who had fallen asleep.

Xia Qingyi's hand slowly reached over, grabbed his hand carefully and then stopped moving.

In the dark, the sense of touch became very sensitive. When her soft and tiny hands touched him, Mo Han could not help but hold his breath. Despite not moving, he could still feel Xia Qingyi's body temperature and hear her slight breathing. Her palms felt slight wet with perspiration, probably because of the shock from the nightmare earlier, and he felt his heart flutter as he held onto her hands.

Mo Han had never thought that there would be a day where he would be anxious about holding hands.

On the contrary, Xia Qingyi was at ease after holding his hand. Just being able to touch him was enough, she just wanted to know that she could still feel his existence in this dark world. To know that there was a person who knew about her existence.

Probably because of Mo Han's big and warm hands holding hers, Xia Qingyi did not have any more nightmares until she woke.

When Mo Han woke up the next morning, Xia Qingyi was still deep in sleep. He looked down, and realized that she had never let go and was still holding tightly onto his hand. She was lying in the same position as last night, with a distance away from Mo Han, and had only turned her head on its side, her long slim neck looking exceptionally beautiful under the sunlight.

Mo Han shifted his body, thinking of pulling his hand back, but he accidentally woke Xia Qingyi up. She hummed lightly for a few times, just like a cat rubbing its head against the blanket, and stretched her head towards Mo Han's direction as she opened her eyes.

That was when their eyes met.