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104 Sleep

 Mo Han vaguely heard his own phone ring. It had to be from the people at the meeting just now, but Mo Han did not pick it up. For the first time, he avoided work-related matters, chose to let the phone continue ringing, and gently spoke into Xia Qingyi's ear, "That's not your fault... It's okay... It's all in the past..."

Mo Han did not know what she had experienced in the past to cause her to be in such pain today. The last time she cried was when she had a dream, and she could not remember the dream after waking up at all and could only cry. Mo Han guessed that the scene from the dream was probably similar to the one today.

He only felt distressed hugging Xia Qingyi's trembling body; he did not wish for her to remember the memories from the past.

"I'll take you home, go back and get a good sleep. Don't think anymore," Mo Han pulled Xia Qingyi away and wiped the tear streaks off her face.

Xia Qingyi calmed down a little and opened her eyes. Seeing that Mo Han's white shirt was full of her own snot and tears, she felt a little embarrassed and reached her hand out to wipe them off, looking at him innocently. "I'm sorry I dirtied your clothes."

Mo Han looked at his own clothes, turned his head away in disgust and stood up to find tissues to clean them. "Let's go, I'll send you back."

"Aren't you still having a meeting?"

"It's okay, I'll call and inform them later," Mo Han rearranged his own suit and threw the tissues into the trash basket.

Xia Qingyi sniffed, "I can go back myself."

Mo Han walked towards the door, opened it and looked back at her sitting on the bed. "Let's go. It won't take very long."

Xia Qingyi then walked over and followed behind him. Mo Han walked as he called the people from the meeting at the same time, explaining that there was a personal matter he had to handle and asked them to proceed with the meeting and to just send the minutes to him.

Xia Qingyi was a little absent-minded during the trip back, and she kept looking at the winding streets outside from the inside of the car. This was the first time that she had clearly felt that some memories from the past were actually important to her.

Even if they could be very painful. Even if she had lost them.

She suddenly felt that the scenes she had remembered in the water had to be important to her past life, or could be important in her future. Without those, she would not be complete.

She could still remember the last sentence that appeared in her brain as she broke through the water surface: "If I died, just take it as repayment for the help you gave me before. If I'm still alive, I won't be coming back. You can just pretend that I don't existed."

She felt that her own heart had stopped beating the moment she remembered it.

"Have a good sleep first, I'll be back soon," Mo Han said as he closed the door to Xia Qingyi's room.

It was probably because she was really tired, she waved in Mo Han's direction, lay down and drifted off to sleep.

She had a difficult time sleeping. She woke up a few times intermittently and drifted blurredly back to sleep, and she was still asleep when Mo Han came back.

Mo Han immediately came back after he finished settling the things there. He entered the house and seeing that the lights in the living room were switched off, knew that Xia Qingyi was still asleep.

He went into her room and as expected, Xia Qingyi was still sleeping on the bed with her hair in a mess, her head poking out of the blanket.

He nudged her, and after she blinked her eyes and woke, he said, "Wake up, I bought food for you."

Xia Qingyi walked out with a head of messy hair and her eyes still heavy with sleep, and saw that Mo Han bought food for two people and had already placed it on the table. He had even bought her favorite red bean pastries.