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103 Life-Saving Straw

 Mo Han paused his actions. He kept quiet even as he continued to dry Xia Qingyi's hair. He carried her princess-style after he had dried her hair for a while. He walked to the hotel lobby as he passed the crowd, before he asked the lobby to give him a room.

Mo Han placed her on the bed after they had reached the room. Xia Qingyi continued to sit there blankly without a word. Mo Han found a bathrobe in the room, before he squatted down and placed it in her hands. He said as he looked at her eyes, "Go take a shower. I'll talk to you after you're done."

The sparkle in Xia Qingyi's eyes moved a little as she slowly stood up. She walked towards the bathroom stiffly with her head down, before she lightly closed the door.

Splashes started to come from the bathroom as Mo Han sat at the bed in the room. Though, he could not stop moving as he stood up for a while and walked around the room, before he sat down again.

Xia Qingyi came out quickly. Her hair was still wet as droplets of water dripped down and wet the floor. She glanced at Mo Han who was sitting on the bed. She leaned on the wall behind her with a towel in her hand. She kept quiet as she looked down again.

Mo Han pulled her over to sit on the bed. He took the towel in her hands to dry her hair, "Tell me."

Xia Qingyi looked at her fingers. Her voice was low and husky, "I don't know how to say it."

Mo Han said, "You can start from what you want to talk about the most."

Xia Qingyi took a deep breath. She slowly relaxed at Mo Han's actions, "I thought about a dead man."

Mo Han did not act any differently as he continued to dry Xia Qingyi's hair.

"I'd only briefly remembered some things that he'd told me. He told me to promise him something. He called me Miss as he begged me to save me." Xia Qingyi's tears dropped as she gripped tightly onto the shirt under her hands unconsciously.

"He was begging me to save him. He begged me to save him..." Xia Qingyi choked.

Mo Han stopped drying her hair and sat next to her, "How do you know he died?"

"He's definitely dead." Xia Qingyi felt scared whenever she thought of that scene, "He was bleeding all over his body. There was a lot of blood."

She was completely sucked into the scene that had appeared in her mind. The speed of her words became faster and faster, and become more incoherent. She said everything that she had remembered. "I'd also heard him telling me not to come out! To not come out even if I'm dead! He was begging and shouting at me."

"I kept crying and crying. I then walked into a small alley. It was raining there. Yes, it was raining. I remember now. The floor was very wet that day, and..."

Mo Han grabbed her hands to make her calm down, "Listen to me, don't think about anything else. You only have to tell me, did you remember what your name was?"

Xia Qingyi froze. She looked at Mo Han with her face filled with tears. She shook her head and cried out again, "I can't remember... I don't know... His body was filled with blood... I heard him calling me Miss... He wanted me to help him... He wanted me to help him, but, I didn't have any idea how to... I didn't have any idea how to..."

Mo Han hugged her as he caressed her head in comfort, "It's okay. You don't have to think about if you can't remember. I'm here."

Xia Qingyi kept crying. She could not help but shiver whenever she thought about being back in the water.

"I couldn't save him... His body was full of blood... Full of blood..." Xia Qingyi cried loudly, breaking the hearts of anyone who could hear.

Mo Han could feel her deep helplessness as he gently caressed her head. She kept shivering within his embrace. Her hands gripped tightly onto his shirt, as if it was the only straw that could save her.