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102 I Remembered

 Her body sank bit by bit as her heart stopped aching. What came next was a type of pain in her head that was so heart-wrenching. Fragments of memories followed after.

She saw a man. That man had injuries and was bleeding all over his body. He was looking at her as he pleaded with his hoarse voice to save him, that he did not want to die.

She was crying. She kept crying as she stared at that man.

That man said, "Please promise me something, Miss. This is the only thing I keep in my heart."

She walked into a dark alley. It was raining.

That man shouted, "You can't come out! You can't come out! You can't come out even if I die!"

Her body hurt badly, especially at the spot at the back of her back. A needle was piercing through her skin bit by bit. There was a person speaking into her ear. That person's voice was filled with hatred.

Remember the pain you are feeling on your body. Remember the pain that you are suffering right now.

Xia Qingyi shook her head desperately. The memories just seemed to kept fast forwarding as they assaulted her mind. The water that surrounded her entered her nostrils and filled her mouth. The more she struggled, the more water entered her body.

She stopped struggling finally as her body sank deeper and deeper. And she returned to the same dream that she had when she was still in a coma in the hospital, that she was floating in the deep sea.

The waiter on the coast had thought that she knew how to swim and she cared only to pick up and tidy the broken glass shards. When she had looked at the water once she was done tidying, she started to panic when there was still no movement. She hurriedly shouted for the people outside to come and save her.

People who had been passing by hurriedly took off their shoes and jumped into the water when they saw the waiter shouting for help.

Xia Qingyi was in a daze when she felt someone put their arms around her neck and started to pull her towards the surface of the water.

She looked at the bright and shiny world through the water and she suddenly heard her faint and weak voice.

If I'm dead, just take it as repayment for the help you gave me before. If I'm still alive, I won't be coming back. You can just pretend that I don't exist.

Xia Qingyi looked at the shiny appearance outside and heard the sound of her breaking out of the water.

The passer-by placed her on the floor, wanting to see if she was alright. If not, she would be given cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

However, they did not expect that Xia Qingyi's eyes to be open. Her mouth was also slightly open as she stared at the sky above her, unmoving.

The passer-by placed his hand under her nostrils and found that she was still breathing weakly. For a moment, he did not know what to do as he stared at her. He merely shook her before asking, "Are you alright? Miss?"

The meeting that Mo Han had been in was disrupted by the commotion outside. The person opposite him paused for a second or so before he continued once more. Mo Han, however, felt slightly uneasy all of a sudden. He had a bad premonition as he thought of Xia Qingyi's unusual expression earlier. He stood up suddenly, telling the rest that he was going to go out for a while as he had something to do.

He saw a group of people gathering next to the swimming pool once he had left. There was a person lying on the floor and he could barely see a pair of shoes. He was sure that they were Xia Qingyi's shoes.

Mo Han ran over as he felt his heart tremble for a moment. He pushed past the crowd and saw Xia Qingyi lying on the floor with her body drenched and her eyes opened wide. He squatted down, shouting as he patted her face, "Xia Qingyi! Xia Qingyi!"

The people surrounding around told him, "She'd just fallen into the water and had been like that ever since she came up. She won't talk even though she's awake."

Her body was extremely cold as Mo Han helped her up. He did not care about the wetness of her body as he let Xia Qingyi lean on him. He caressed her drenched hair and said to the person next to him, "Please help me get a towel."

Mo Han thought that she had been frightened, as he caressed her hair patiently. He hugged her, trying to pass her some of his body heat, "You're fine. You're fine."

He looked down to see her hand pulling the hem of his shirt. Her eyes, however, had no shine in them.

The person next to him brought the towel over. Mo Han quickly opened the towel and covered Xia Qingyi's wet body with it. He wrapped her shivering body while drying her hair softly and gently with the towel.

"I remember now." Xia Qingyi whispered softly by Mo Han's ear.