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101 Pain

 A cold sweat dripped from the top of her head. She knew that she was afraid. She knew that she would feel afraid, extreme fear, for unknown reasons as long as she was looking at the swimming pool in front of her.

She did not have time to think of the reason for this. All she knew was that she had to stay far away from it, to stay far away from this place.

Xia Qingyi lowered her head, as she walked around the swimming pool while taking deep breaths. She had finally seen the meeting room that Mo Han had mentioned. The meeting room was only separated from the swimming pool by a huge glass door. She pushed open the glass door and stood by the entrance of the meeting room before she messaged Mo Han to tell him that she had arrived.

Mo Han was quick to come out. Xia Qingyi had pushed the document into his hands before she turned immediately, wanting to leave. Mo Han felt that something was wrong with her and he grabbed her straight away to ask, "What's wrong?"

Xia Qingyi merely shook her head. Every cell in her body was tensed while her blood seemed to have solidified.

The swimming pool that was separated from her by a glass door had became the thorn in her heart.

"Are you feeling unwell?" Mo Han observed her face. The skin of her face had started to form small and thin beads of sweat.

Xia Qingyi nodded with her head down.

"If you feel unwell, go back and get a good sleep after you go home. I'll bring the red bean pastries that you love to eat home tonight." Mo Han did not think too much, assuming that she just wanted to go home to continue watching her movie. The meeting was still going on inside. He could not stay to long outside. He said, "If there's nothing else, I'll..."

He then saw Xia Qingyi leave quickly with her head down.

Mo Han glanced once at her back view, before he pushed open the door of the meeting room and entered it.

On the other hand, Xia Qingyi was currently pushing open the glass door as she walked around the gigantic swimming pool with her head still down. Her peripheral vision could still see the unknown deepness in the swimming pool. This made her continue to suppress the fear within her as she continued forward with her head still down.

There is this saying in the world that said that whatever is feared will come. There is a thing called destiny.

When she had walked to the center, a small side door next to the walking path had opened. A hotel waiter came out holding a tray with many wine glasses placed on it. The waiter was afraid that she would bump into her and break the glasses, which was why she had turned to her side when Xia Qingyi passed by quickly. However, Xia Qingyi was extremely sensitive at this point. The hem of the waiter's shirt had merely brushed by her skin and she instinctively pushed her away and moved back.

It was only then that she remembered that there was a swimming pool behind her and she rushed forward as she trembled. The tray in the waitress' hand shook a little after she had been pushed by Xia Qingyi. The waitress hurriedly tried to stabilize the glasses on the tray before she saw Xia Qingyi moving towards her again. She moved to the side hurriedly to avoid her, only to lose her footing. She tried to grab onto Xia Qingyi as a reflex as she was about to fall.

However, Xia Qingyi over-reacted and pushed her away with all of her strength. She started to move backwards, as if there was a monster waiting in front of her. She did not even have the strength to look at where she was stepping and she moved back until she was by the edge of the swimming pool. The edge still had some water on it. She slipped, and then she was falling into the swimming pool with her head facing down.

What Xia Qingyi did not know, was that it was the deep region of the swimming pool under her feet.

There was a large splash as water went everywhere.

By the pool, there were sounds of the waiter falling down, crisp sounds of the glasses breaking and the complaints and scoldings of the waiter.

However, she could not hear anything.

All of her senses had stopped working when Xia Qingyi had fallen into the water. The only thought she had was that her heart had hurt badly. It was so painful that she could die from it. For some unknown reason, she had suddenly remembered that she had a knife scar on her chest. It was caused by someone putting a knife in her.

Who was that person? Xia Qingyi thought as she kept her eyes open in the quiet and dark blue water.