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100 In the Water

 Mo Han turned his face away again, "Xia Qingyi! Please pay some attention on yourself, can't you?" He said again ,"You should get out of bed soon. Don't you need to go to school? I won't take you to school today. I need to go to work soon."

With that said, he immediately left Xia Qingyi's room as he left her laughing to herself alone.

Xia Qingyi was a little busy these few days. It was not long before it was the examination for the changing of her course. She was able to use her own capability to understand the course materials most of the time, though there were some theoretical knowledge that required her to keep looking at the books in order to keep them in her brain. That was why she had arrived at school early everyday for these few days and spent most of her time in the library. She had even rejected Zhang Yang who wanted her help in analyzing the details of the next kidnapping case.

Zhang Yang did not give up and even came to look for her at the school. It became a norm for Zhang Yang to come and sit in the library with her, while he sat next to her and watch her study. He would then eagerly take out the information to let her take a look when she was taking a break in the middle.

Xia Qingyi felt that she could not possibly stay away from this policemen anymore. The good thing however, was that Zhang Yang would only ask for Xia Qingyi's help when he was not able to understand the case. He would act as if she did not exist usually and not contact her. This made Xia Qingyi more at ease as she did not want to have too much interaction with the police.

She still did not understand why she always felt a little apprehensive whenever she saw them wearing their police uniform. It was not fear that she felt, but a type of feeling that she wanted to avoid them unconsciously.

Xia Qingyi finally felt herself relax after the examination for the changing of her course had ended. When Mo Han had called her to ask about her performance, she had patted herself on the chest as she replied, "Don't worry! Just wait to see my results!"

Talking about Mo Han, Xia Qingyi had not really dared to go to his law firm ever since that incident. She would feel extremely awkward and want to bury herself to hide away at the thought that she had once kissed his colleague in the law firm when she was drunk.

Of course, she would probably never know what had happened that night that Mo Han had not told her about.

A few days ago, Mo Han had ordered her to not drink even a single sip of alcohol in the future. She could not drink alcohol in any situation. If any others wanted her to drink, she would reject them with the reason that she was allergic to alcohol.

Mo Han had not given her any reason when she had asked why.

Xia Qingyi would scoff at Mo Han for his behavior like this sometimes, though unfortunately she could not do anything about it.

Mo Han had been rather busy these few days, though the correct thing would be to say that he was busy everyday. An example was today. Xia Qingyi had finally gotten the chance to not go to class after the examination. She had been immersed in the movie she was watching at home when Mo Han had called her to ask her to bring a document to the hotel next to the courts.

He had been discussing the details for a partnership with the other company at the hotel lobby. He also had a meeting about the details for the second trial of a case at the courts later. He only realized later that he had left a more important document at home.

The vague reason for forgetting was because Xia Qingyi had brought him a cup of coffee before she had gone to sleep when he had just finished tidying the document. He had been afraid that the coffee might spill on it, so he had placed the document on the rack at one corner. He had forgotten the document when he had left the house too early.

Xia Qingyi said that she would take about half an hour to send it to the hotel.

As a result, she had to turn off the television reluctantly. She had thrown on a shirt randomly before she took the document and headed to the hotel.

Xia Qingyi called him when she had reached the hotel entrance, though the call did not go through. It was afterwards that Mo Han had sent her a message to tell her that he was still in the meeting, and that she should go to the meeting room nearest to the outdoor swimming pool on the right of the lobby at the first floor.

Xia Qingyi had found the swimming pool. However, she had stopped in her steps after she had incidentally glanced at the pool.

Do you know the feeling of falling into freezing cold water? That was how Xia Qingyi was feeling right now. Every cell in her body froze. The only difference was that her heart kept thumping nonstop, forming a strong pressure in her chest.