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99 Taking a Peek

 He walked over and pulled Xia Qingyi's blanket away. He covered her with the blanket once more with just a look. He turned away with a burning sensation in his face.

Why was Xia Qingyi not wearing anything at all?!

Mo Han had still seen everything despite having taken just a glance. Her right hand was resting on her head while her messy hair covered a good half of her face. Apart from that, there was also an image that made his face burn.

There were mellow and delicate shoulders, and pearly white breasts with a pretty shape caused by her lying on her side. Her breasts could be seen faintly, together with her thin waist that seemed as though it would break if he held it.

Mo Han's action when he placed the blanket on Xia Qingyi must have been big as she had woken up. She looked at Mo Han who was standing by her bed and had his back facing her with her sleepy eyes.

Her head hurt as she turned in bed. She had not noticed any difference in her current situation and thought that Mo Han had only come to her room to get something. Her head turned to continue lying in bed for a while as per usual.

"What time is it, older brother?" Xia Qingyi had her eyes closed. Her voice was low and husky.

Mo Han merely turned a little, "You should get up."

Xia Qingyi hummed once, only to finally realize that the feeling she had of sleeping on the bed was different from the other days. She moved as she suddenly thought of a possibility. She looked under her blanket and almost screamed.

Why was she naked?!

Xia Qingyi immediately tightened the blanket wrapped around her as she tried to recall in detail what she had done yesterday. The scary thing was that she could not seem to recall anything. Was she not eating at the restaurant with Mo Han? She was enjoying her meal too.

What happened then?! What happened then?!

She stared at Mo Han who was facing her with his side as she asked pryingly, "What did I do yesterday?"

Mo Han turned back. He recalled what he had just seen as he looked at her surprised and scared expression. His eyes subconsciously looked towards another spot, "You drank some alcohol and started to act a little crazy."

"Then why am I not wearing anything now?" The words seemed to just came out of Xia Qingyi's mouth.

Mo Han looked at how she had the blanket wrapped tightly around her with only her head out of the blanket. For some reason, he was feeling a little guilty as Xia Qingyi stared straight at him, "What are you talking about?! You.. you... not wearing anything has no relation to me. I didn't see anything."

Mo Han only realized that he had stammered for the first time in his life after he was done speaking with his incoherent words. He could not even speak properly as a lawyer.

"I didn't mean that it was you. What I'd meant was what did I do after I'd drank yesterday? I can't remember anything at all now." Xia Qingyi wanted to know more about the missing memory she had after she had drank.

"You didn't do much. You'd just grabbed my colleague and kissed him once." Mo Han left out the part about him getting kissed, as well as many other details. He did not want to think about what had happened yesterday again.

Xia Qingyi was quite surprised, as she whispered to herself that it was impossible. She asked again, "What about my clothes then? Why am I not wearing anything?"

"How should I know why you're not wearing anything? I went back to my room to sleep immediately after I'd brought you back. Don't you know what you did?" Mo Han started to explain in a hurry suddenly.

Xia Qingyi did not understand why Mo Han looked so panicked, "Why are you in such a hurry? I didn't say you were the one who took my clothes off. Even if you did, it's fine. It's not like there's anything good to look at on my body."

Xia Qingyi laughed once instead, as her expression was one that did not mind what had happened. Mo Han looked at her in disbelief.

"What I've said is the truth. There's nothing nice to see when it's all just scars." Xia Qingyi wanted to tease Mo Han who was standing in front of the window suddenly. She had found his stony yet panicking expression to be too much fun. She wanted to pull away the blanket, as she said while smiling, "Do you want me to show you now? Do you want to see?!"