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98 Kissing Technique

 Mo Han said to the boy who looked extremely lost, "I'm sorry. She must have scared you. She becomes like this after drinking."

The boy glanced at Xia Qingyi as he merely smiled helplessly.

Mo Han could not let her stay here for any longer. He took out one of his name cards from his pocket and said, "It's a really special situation today. We'll ride your bicycle if you really don't mind. I'll return the bicycle to where you want if you give me an address. I'll even give you some compensation to show my gratitude."

The boy expressed his understanding as he told Mo Han his address, before he let Mo Han leave with Xia Qingyi on the bicycle.

Mo Han was extremely drained as he rode the bicycle, with what had happened after Xia Qingyi become drunk. The biggest comfort to him right now was for him to see her reach home safely and go to bed to sleep.

It was a pity, however that Xia Qingyi did not understand his thoughts as she started giggling to herself. Her limbs danced around continuously while she started to murmur inaudibly.

Mo Han was worried that she would fall as he merely said, "Settle down a little. Hold on to me obediently."

Xia Qingyi held tightly onto his waist with both her hands suddenly, while her head leaned on his back. Mo Han almost shook his hand and stirred the bicycle into another direction in shock with her actions.

"Did you like it?" Xia Qingyi started to speak again behind him.

Mo Han continued to ride the bicycle as he ignored her.

"Did you like it?!" Xia Qingyi shook his body as she increased her volume.

"What?" Mo Han was a little annoyed.

"That kiss." Xia Qingyi laughed softly.

Mo Han was really surprised this time as the bicycle braked suddenly. Xia Qingyi bumped hard against his back. Though, he remained quiet as he started to ride the bicycle again.

"Say something? Did you like it?"

Mo Han knew that there was no need to be so serious to a drunk person, but he still replied nonchalantly, "That, was not a kiss."

"Are you questioning my kissing technique?!" Xia Qingyi was slightly infuriated as she replied seriously. Though, with her shaking head and half-opened eyes, it was hard to believe that she was in fact serious.

Mo Han shook his head. He really did not want to speak anymore. He let Xia Qingyi continue to nag behind him without a care as he continued to ride the bicycle silently in front.

Fortunately, Xia Qingyi had already fallen asleep on his back when they reached home. He did not dare to wake her as he carried her princess-style softly. The way back home was a challenge as he had to carry her carefully before he finally placed her down on her bed.

Mo Han panted slightly as he stared at her harmless face while she slept. The day had finally come to an end.

He did not know what Xia Qingyi's reaction would be when she remembered what had happened when she woke up tomorrow.

He did not want to think about it further. The thing that he had wanted to do most now is to go and get a nice sleep.

In the morning of the second day, Mo Han had only realized that the house was completely silent after he had woke up and had put on his suit after refreshing himself. It was so quiet that it was a little scary.

He walked over to the door of Xia Qingyi's room. No one answered after he had knocked on the door, so he had pushed opened the door. He immediately saw her still sleeping on the bed with the blanket covering her head.

Her thin and white calves were exposed while the blanket covered every part of her upper body. Her face could not even be seen while the blanket under her calves had been curled shapelessly. Mo Han was seriously worried that she would suffocate.