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96 Crying From Misery

 He did not expect for Xia Qingyi to start crying all of a sudden. Her tears fell drop by drop as she sniffled while sobs came out of her covered mouth. She closed her eyes in misery as she pushed Mo Han with all her might.

Mo Han started to panic at her tears. He had never seen Xia Qingyi cry before. He could only release his hand covering her mouth helplessly as he did not know what to do. He started to wipe her tears as his tone turned undeniably soft, "Why are you crying? Don't cry."

Everyone that had seen what just happened had their jaws dropped. They had never seen Mo Han speak like that in their many years of working in the law firm. From their impression, Mo Han was the spokesperson for being cold and quiet. He had no relation to the words consoling, gentle and soft.

But now, what was the current situation counted as?

"I'm really sorry. Please eat first, everyone. I'll bring her out for a while and we'll be back soon." Mo Han bowed his head as he excused himself. With Xia Qingyi's current condition, he could not leave her here.

Mo Han had a hand around her waist as he pulled her with difficulty towards a quieter corridor. He had let her lean against the wall, though his hand was still wrapped around her waist in fear that she would slide down the wall.

Xia Qingyi was still crying as she sobbed silently. Tears covered her face.

Mo Han sighed. He whispered while wiping away the tears on her face, "Don't cry. Don't cry. It's my fault, alright?"

"Why do you have to be so fierce to me? What did I do wrong?" Xia Qingyi said as she wept and wailed.

It was Mo Han's first time being so soft-spoken when talking to someone. His tone was undeniably soft as he hugged her. He let her lean against his shoulder as he caressed the back of her head softly, "It's my fault. It's my fault. I shouldn't have been so fierce. Don't cry."

Xia Qingyi did not speak as she leaned on him while still trembling slightly.

Mo Han patted her. He waited until she had recovered before asking, "Are you feeling better now?"

She did not reply. Mo Han looked over to see her resting on his shoulder without moving. She seemed to have fallen asleep.

Mo Han did not know what to say as he sighed softly before carrying her princess-style carefully. He walked towards the restaurant lobby to ask the staff if there were other empty rooms.

The front-desk staff looked at the tall and handsome man who was carrying a girl and looking for a private room stunned. She was guessing what the two wanted to do.

Mo Han could see the confusion in her eyes as he explained hurriedly, "You've thought wrong. This is my younger sister and she's drunk. I want to place her there for a while before taking her back home after I've gotten my belongings."

She went to find her supervisor half believing and half skeptical of his words. They had gotten him to place Xia Qingyi on a small sofa in a narrow storeroom. Mo Han had placed her on the sofa before telling them to help look after Xia Qingyi for a while and that he would be back soon.

Mo Han ran back to the room they were in originally. He picked up Xia Qingyi's belongings that she had placed on the chair and his documents when he faced everyone's questioning eyes as he said, "She doesn't feel very comfortable tonight so I'll take her back first. I've already paid for the meal. I've also contacted the bar upstairs, so you can just go up to play later."

He did not have time to see the expressions of the other's as he left swiftly. He ran towards the storeroom where he had left Xia Qingyi.

Mo Han pushed open the storeroom door to see that Xia Qingyi was not sleeping at that moment. She was sitting on the sofa, looking straight at Mo Han who had appeared at the door.