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94 Drinking

 "You're already in university? Which course are you studying at?"

"I'm currently studying Human Resource Management, but I changed my course recently to Psychology."

"Not bad, not bad. If you need our help in the future, feel free to say so. We'd definitely help."

Mo Han quietly pulled Xia Qingyi behind slightly as he noticed that the rest were staring straight at her. He said coldly, "It's not early anymore. Let's go and eat."

When they had reached the restaurant, there were a few females from the law firm sitting at the same table as Mo Han. Xia Qingyi understood the moment she saw the gentle way they had looked at Mo Han. She secretly said to Mo Han, who was next to her, "There's quite a few females from your law firm that are lusting over your beauty."

Mo Han glared at her, as he said quietly, "Just eat."

"Okay." Xia Qingyi replied as she sat obediently. She played with the cutlery while waiting for the dishes to be brought over.

They kept chatting as they ate. Xia Qingyi was the only one who kept quiet with her eyes opened wide while she ate nonstop. Everything should give way to delicious food.

"Come, Barrister Mo. Let me give you a toast." Liu Zhiyuan came from Xia Qingyi's direction with half a glass of wine in his hands, wanting to pass to Mo Han.

Mo Han stood up. He smiled slightly as he resisted, "I'm sorry, but I still can't drink since my stomach had just recovered."

Liu Zhiyuan hit his head, "Look at me! My brain can't work suddenly. My boss definitely can't drink since he just had a surgery. Oh, my memory!" Liu Zhiyuan put his glass on the table before he walked towards the rest.

Xia Qingyi, who had been sitting down, did not pay any attention to their conversation. She had choked a little after having eaten too fast, and she hurriedly picked up the glass on her right, wanting to drink some water.

Only, she could only feel the burning sensation after taking a large gulp. Her mouth and throat was filled with the taste of strong spirit.

"Ah?!" Xia Qingyi cried as she held onto her throat.

Mo Han look at her, asking hurriedly, "What's wrong?" He quickly took the glass from her hands after seeing it, "You drank alcohol?!"

Xia Qingyi only felt better after hurriedly drinking another big gulp of water, "I didn't know that it was alcohol in it."

"Alcohol is alcohol while water is water. They taste different. How could you have mistaken?" Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows together. He looked at the nearly empty glass in his hand as he said, "You drank it all?!"

A man sitting on the other side next to Xia Qingyi asked, "Are you okay?"

She waved her hand around before she pinched her throat once more. The burning sensation was undoubtedly uncomfortable, "I'm fine."

"Have you drank before? How's your alcohol tolerance level? If you feel uncomfortable, then just rest for a while over there." He asked considerately.

"I've never drunk before. I don't know my alcohol tolerance level either. All I see that it's burning so badly. Why do you all like to drink such things?"

He laughed, "Who knows?"

Mo Han was a little unhappy as he stared at the two who were chatting without leaving some space for himself. He stared at the man next to Xia Qingyi. It was Zhang Jingchen. He had heard before that he was exceptionally good at making girls happy privately, but he had never really paid any attention to his private life, seeing that he worked diligently and conscientiously. It was definitely so now that he had seen it today.

Subconsciously, he wanted Xia Qingyi to stay away from Zhang Jingchen.

Xia Qingyi, who had been sitting next to him, did not think so much. She coughed twice before picking up her chopsticks calmly to start eating again as she had not taken what had happened to heart.

Mo Han was slightly assured after seeing that Xia Qingyi was not acting any differently. The person sitting next to him started to talk to him again about some things related to work, and he could only listen to the former speak.