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93 Beautiful Girl

 When Anna had asked if he had wanted to attend the gathering, Xia Qingyi had just been watching the male lead character in the drama telling the female lead with a poker face that he liked his quiet life. She sat on the floor speechless, as she said that it was all nonsense as the male lead would probably end up finding the female lead to go out.

She watched seriously, as she said that shouldn't men all go out to see the flowery world. Would it not be such a pity if he had no friends because he wanted some peace and quiet?

Mo Han, who had been sitting behind her, glanced at her at her words. He swallowed his original rejection before saying after some hesitation that alright, he would join in their gathering.

In the meantime, Xia Qingyi, who had been watching the television with all her attention in front, had no idea what had happened.

The gathering was eventually set to be at 7 P.M. on Saturday. The people from the law firm had booked a private room in one of the famous restaurants in the city. There was a bar above the restaurant. They had said that they could go up to celebrate after finishing the meal.

Time passed, with Mo Han continuing work at the law firm after being discharged while Xia Qingyi continued to attend lessons. She had gone to the detective agency during her free time to earn some extra allowance. The good thing was that the boss at the agency had taken a particular liking to Xia Qingyi, seeing that she was a pretty and intelligent girl, and tried to give her simple tasks as much as possible.

Mo Han had called Xia Qingyi when it was Saturday afternoon, telling her that he would be out late that night and that she should go to sleep first instead of waiting for him.

Xia Qingyi found it weird, "What do you have to do?"

"There's a gathering at the law firm. They said it's to celebrate my recovery."

"I want to go too." Xia Qingyi replied.

"Why do you want to go there for?"

"To eat nice food! I'll be really bored if I'm at home alone." Xia Qingyi murmured pitifully.

Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows together, as he kept quiet in hesitation.

Xia Qingyi begged, "Please? Please? I won't cause any trouble. Not to say, don't the people in your law firm know me? I'm your younger sister, it'll be more lively with one more person!"

"Older brother..." Xia Qingyi continued.

It might be due to when Mo Han had told her about his parents, but since that day, Xia Qingyi had taken a particular liking to calling her older brother. Before she went to sleep in her bedroom for these few nights, she would always tell him, "Goodnight, older brother."

"Alright, you can come. I'll tell them." Mo Han compromised.

Xia Qingyi smiled as she said, "Thank you, older brother!"

"Come straight over after your lesson in the afternoon is over. I'll wait here for you."


Mo Han was already waiting at the ground floor of his office building when Xia Qingyi saw him again. He was quietly talking to some of his colleagues. She got out of the car, calling out to him from afar as she ran over with a wide smile.

The crowd that had been standing next to Mo Han turned to look at the direction where the voice had came from, only to see a smiling short haired girl wearing overalls and a bag hung behind her running towards them. She looked like a mini sun with her smile.

Their eyes sparkled suddenly. These male colleagues had long known that Mo Han's younger sister had looked really good. Now that they had seen her again in private, the only thought they had was that their previous impression of her could not even compare to half of how she looked when smiling.

No one could ignore her eyes that looked like stars when she smiled.

Xia Qingyi ran over to stand next to Mo Han. She bowed her head slightly while smiling after seeing the people next to him.

Looking at her closer, they could only think that she must be really young and that she was prettier by a few degrees.

She was full of youth.

"Where are you attending school, little girl?" They all wanted to be closer to her.

Xia Qingyi hated it when people treated her as a child. She was slightly annoyed, though she still replied sweetly, "I'm attending school at XX University."