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92 To depend on

 "I don't know what to say since it feels wrong to say anything at all. I just want to hug you." Xia Qingyi said.

Mo Han was surprised by her hug. His hand rested onher shoulders. He wanted to push her away, though he did not do anything as seconds passed. He had just placed his hands there as a symbol. There was even an urge to return the hug.

"You don't have to worry anymore that you'd be chased away when my family knows about you. Don't worry. I don't have any family." Mo Han laughed softly with a hint of helplessness as he said this.

"That won't happen. You still have me, older brother." Xia Qingyi said with her soft voice. She looked up to look at Mo Han, only to realize that Mo Han was looking down at her as well. Their faces were so close to each other that Xia Qingyi could see the faint stubble on Mo Han's chin.

Mo Han felt weird suddenly. He avoided eye contact as he put some distance between the two of them. He pushed Xia Qingyi away as he smiled, not knowing what to say.

"I'll listen to you next time, older brother." Xia Qingyi said.

Mo Han smiled again as he ruffled her hair. He said, "Go to sleep."

Xia Qingyi merely looked at him for a very long time, before she turned to give him another big hug. She whispered goodnight softly in his ear.

She hoped that Mo Han would know her current thoughts, that she would always be with him even though she could not do anything and the only thing she could give was a warm hug.

Mo Han had been the only one that she could rely on ever since she had left the hospital with her memory lost. Now, she would like to give Mo Han something to rely on.

Mo Han could feel Xia Qingyi softly telling him goodnight as her head leaned on his shoulder. He should have pushed her away right then, but his hands hesitated to do so as they hovered in the air.

He did not know why he had told Xia Qingyi about his parents. He had kept this secret deeply buried in his heart for many years, not to mention even telling others about it. This girl in front of him had no need to find out about his parents nor to be involved in the mess that his family was in. Yet, he had still told Xia Qingyi about it.

He had originally thought that he would feel very down after he had said it. But surprisingly, at the moment that Xia Qingyi had hugged him after he had finished, he felt was as if a huge burden had just lifted off his shoulders.

It was the feeling that his heart could finally relax for a while after being depressed for such a long time.

He could faintly feel that he would get a good sleep that night.

The people in the law firm were holding a gathering since Mo Han had just been discharged from the hospital, and also since the law firm had just settled a rather complicated economic case. They had wanted to celebrate the recovery of their boss, and to also celebrate the end of the case thanks to the court's final verdict after being in a stalemate for half a year.

These were of course the secondary reasons. The main reason was that the females working in the law firm wanted to use the chance at the gathering to develop a closer relationship with their boss. They could hardly hold the excited stirring of their hearts after finding out that the Barrister Mo that they had constantly longed for had finally regained his single status.

Nevertheless, they did not have high expectations for the gathering this time as their boss was usually not too fond of such gatherings and entertainment.

It was why when Anna, Mo Han's secretary, had told him about the plan, she had been shocked for a moment when Mo Han had paused for a few seconds before he agreed to the gathering.

The presupposition for being shocked was because she did not know what had been happening on his side when she had called Mo Han.

The truth was, Xia Qingyi was sitting in the living room when Mo Han had answered the call. She had preferred to not sit on the sofa as per usual, choosing to sit on the carpet as she leaned on the sofa. She was eating snacks with her legs placed anyhow while watching the clichéd drama that was airing on the television.. She laughed from time to time as she roasted the characters in the drama.