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91 I Just Want to Hug You

 "I've forgotten what I was doing then. I was probably crying, but I can't really remember clearly." Mo Han shook his head, before he continued, "It was only afterwards that I found out that my father, who appeared warm and nice in front of the people in his company, had gotten addicted to drugs unknowingly. My mother seemed to know this as well. His addiction had acted up on the day that he had hit my mother. My mother hadn't let him take drugs, so he'd lost control himself and had hit my mother."

"They'd acted as per usual after that day. They would attend my parent-teacher conferences arm-in-arm and in smiles. They would tell my classmates to take better care of me when they'd met them and they would look for my teachers to discuss about my academics and life."

"But, who knew what happened behind the scenes? They became even more unrestrained with their actions after they realised that I knew about the drugs. They never restricted me and gave me total freedom. My father would continue to take drugs at home while my mother would hit and scold him, to not take drugs. My father would then continue to hit my mother in return."

"You've never seen the smile that my father gave when his body shook as he took the drugs. It's something that is impossible to forget, really." Mo Han's voice was trembling a little, "My father even asked me once if I wanted to have some while he sat on the floor as he took the drugs."

Xia Qingyi could not help but place her hand softly on his as she looked at him.

Mo Han turned to glance once at her. He did not remove his hand, "My mother gave up on him eventually, but they didn't divorce. I know that it's because she's reluctant to part with my father's wealth. She would be nothing without my father. She'd started to find other men outside using my father's money. One after another, she'd even brought them home to their bed. Then my father would start to hit her again and the cycle would repeat."

Xia Qingyi held his hand as she listened to his words silently.

"I called them over when I'd graduated from high school. I told them that from that day onwards, I was no longer their son and wouldn't interfere with their lives anymore. In return, I hope that they wouldn't interfere with my life."

Xia Qingyi could clearly feel Mo Han's freezing hands as they trembled slightly, no matter how well he had masked his feelings when he had said all these.

She gripped Mo Han's hands tighter, wanting to use the temperature of her hands to warm him up. She held herself back from looking at his eyes because she was afraid. She knew too, that Mo Han would not want her to see.

"All the money I had used to start the law firm was earned by myself when I was in university. But, I really have to thank my father in this aspect. He's a really successful entrepreneur. When the people that knew him heard that his son was earning money for himself, they tried to help in various ways to make it easier for me to do so. My parents had never once come to look for me when I was studying in university. They transferred money to me into an account, but I never touched the account."

Mo Han has a small smirk on his face, "I understand them actually. My father was no longer the person he was originally after he'd taken drugs. He was so eager for me to stay far away from him so that he could keep his secret. And my mother? She naturally wouldn't want the men that she'd find outside to know that she actually had such an old son."

"You should know why I didn't want to tell them about you now, because there's no reason to. They wouldn't care anyway. And about my ex-girlfriend, she was an accident. I didn't think that she'd be back so soon and find out about you." Mo Han said as he looked at Xia Qingyi. It was a pity that Xia Qingyi kept her head down instead of looking at him.

What Mo Han did not expect, was that Xia Qingyi had opened her arms to hug him in the next second.

Her thin and delicate figure wrapped around him softly, together with her body temperature and faint body perfume.

Her entire head was buried in front of Mo Han's chest while both of her hands were crossed behind him, as she hugged him tightly.