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88 Dont Work Anymore

 "The hospital was near where you stopped, why would I call the hospital and trouble someone else."

Mo Han ate the porridge as he spoke with her, and unknowingly finished the porridge. He placed the bowl on the table and just as he was about to continue speaking with Xia Qingyi, Bai Yu returned. He was leaning on the door smiling widely as he watched the two of them talking with each other.

He walked in straightaway, threw the files towards Mo Han's bed and said, "I didn't expect to see the day when Mo Han was disliked by someone."

Mo Han glanced at him. "There are certainly many things that you've never seen before."

Bai Yu's eyes were evidently not on Mo Han, and he was smilingly looking at Xia Qingyi sitting on the stool at Mo Han's bedside. "Are you really Mo Han's sister?"

"Yes, we met at your restaurant before," Xia Qingyi voice did not betray any emotion.

Bai Yu smiled. "Aiyo, you still remember." He then asked, "You looked really young, how old are you? Still schooling?"

"I'm 20, currently at university."

Bai Yu looked at Xia Qingyi closely, as though he was enchanted by her. He had never known that a short-haired girl like her would have such a spirit, her eyes were bright as that of a deer's, shining like the stars in the night sky.

"Such pretty looks, completely different type as to your brother," Bai Yu exclaimed.

Bai Yu!" Mo Han glared at him, while Xia Qingyi suspiciously looked at Bai Yu.

"I mean it, what's the point of your brother's handsome looks, when he always kept his face dour. You're better," Bai Yu teased.

Xia Qingyi glanced at Mo Han, and turned to Bai Yu with her face scrunched up in disgust and said, "I also feel that my brother putting on a dour face is very irritating. As if someone owed him eight million dollars."

After hearing her sentence, Bai Yu held onto his stomach and laughed uncontrollably, and said to Mo Han, "Oh, Mo Han, why is your sister so fun to play with, introduce her to me!"

Mo Han answered him with an icy cold stare.

"Alright, alright, it's fine if you don't want to introduce her to me!" Bai Yu admitted defeat.

Mo Han looked at Bai Yu and said, "Other than the files, there's nothing else for you to do, go back."

"You're just going to chase me away like this?" Bai Yu could not believe him, "Think about it, how long did I stay here with you?!"

"That's why you should leave," Mo Han's tone remained the same.

Bai Yu rolled his eyes at Mo Han and said, "Fine, fine, I'll leave, I'll leave... Anyway, the next time you want me to come over when you're sick, I gotta consider it."

Mo Han did not look at him, picked up the files and flipped it open and said, "Bye."

Bai Yu left begrudgingly, leaving only Xia Qingyi sitting beside Mo Han's bed. Seeing that Mo Han was still looking at files even when he was sick, she was a little angry. "You just woke up, are you that impatient to get back to work?"

Mo Han was a little surprised at her tone, but he only smiled. "I didn't work for the entire day today, I only took a glimpse at the files."

"It's still counted as work. Your gastric has already developed into gastrointestinal perforation, can't you be more worried about your health?"

Mo Han looked into her eyes for a long while, as though he was about to be sucked inside them. Seeing how worried she was about him only made him want to smile.

This was the first time that he felt warmth in his heart, as though the warmth was going to fill his chest to bursting.

He smiled lightly and put down the files in his hand. "I'll stop, I'll stop, I'll continue after I am discharged."

Xia Qingyi did not expect him to actually listen to her this time round; didn't he usually pay little attention to what other people said?