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87 Millet Porridge

 Except that she did not know that the Mo Han in front of her was only thinking about the last moment when he saw Xia Qingyi in his car yesterday. So she had actually been taking care of him the entire night.

Mo Han felt an overwhelming mix of emotions in his heart. He wanted to speak, but he did not know where to start.

Bai Yu sneakily said from his side, "It's not obvious, but your sister really treats you as someone important."

After the doctor left, Mo Han got Bai Yu to pass him his phone, thinking of calling the law firm's assistant Liu Zhiyuan to inform them of his sudden operation and hospitalization. He gauged that the law firm was still unaware of his condition, so they were probably in a mess after being unable to contact him.

He only found out after he called that Xia Qingyi had already contacted the law firm and informed them, to postpone Mo Han's duties and wait for Mo Han to contact them.

After Mo Han heard this, he felt at a loss. In the past, he would complete most of the things by himself and arrange many things alone. But now, someone actually had finished everything that should be done when he was sick, and he only had to rest on the bed and do nothing.

All of a sudden, the time freed up was making him feel at a loss.

The pain in his abdomen had lessened a lot. He did not feel sleepy sitting on the bed at all, probably because he had already slept for a long time. After staring out of the window for a full 20 minutes, he sent Bai Yu go to his office to bring some files over. He felt bored sitting on the bed, so he might as well settle the things that needed his attention.

After Bai Yu left, Xia Qingyi came back when it was nearing nighttime.

She was still wearing the same set of clothes as last night, the long coat tied around her waist reaching her knees. She was carrying her bag on her back, her hand holding a plastic bag, the contents inside unknown. She did not have much expression on her face after she saw that Mo Han had woken up, only glanced at him lightly before she lowered her head, walked in and said nothing, as though she had already known about Mo Han waking up.

She only placed the plastic bag she was carrying on the table with her head down and opened it.

"What is it?" Mo Han asked.

"Food." Xia Qingyi opened the bag, took out a white stainless steel thermal box and carefully opened the cover. "Millet porridge, I bought this at the hospital entrance on my way here when I came back."

Xia Qingyi took out a spoon from her bag, poured the millet porridge into a bowl, and passed the bowl and spoon to Mo Han. "Eat."

Mo Han looked at her, his hands unmoving.

"What're you looking at? Eat. The doctor said that you can only eat this after the operation," Xia Qingyi thought that he did not like eating millet porridge.

Mo Han glanced at her again, took the bowl from her and ate slowly. "How did you get me here last night?"

"I brought you here on a bicycle." Xia Qingyi suddenly thought of something and shouted abruptly, "Ah! I forgot to return the bicycle back."

"Bicycle?" Mo Han said.

Xia Qingyi glanced at him and said, "Yeah, you stopped the car's engine and I don't know how to drive. There just happened to be an unlocked bicycle at the roadside in the middle of the night, so I let you sit at the back and cycled over."

Mo Han did not know why he felt angry and said sternly, "Couldn't you have waited for passing cars to give you a lift or call 110? It was in the middle of the night and the hospital was so far, why did you ride a bicycle? Aren't you supposed to be smart? Why did you think of such a horrible idea!"

"What are you angry for?! Did you think I want to do it? You fell unconscious on the steering wheel yesterday, I was scared to death, I couldn't even think of anything. It's just nice that there was a bicycle by the roadside, so of course I used it and brought you here," Xia Qingyi always felt baffled by Mo Han's sudden anger.

Mo Han said, "Don't do this next time, just stay at where you are if something like this happens in the future, call the hospital and let them pick you up and don't run about."