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77 This Is No Longer Possible

 Mo Han stood up to leave after he finished speaking. As he reached the end of the table, Shen Rou suddenly asked a question from behind him, her voice soft, as though she had already accepted the situation. "Mo Han, is it truly no longer possible between us?"

Mo Han said, "This is no longer possible."

There were many relationships in the world which, after facing numerous obstacles, had no happy ending in sight. Yet there were also those who were able to successfully marry purely due to their love for each other. There were even more lovers who passed away peacefully. How many people would, because of true love, believe that they would be happy for every single day of their lives in the future by this person's side, that every dull moment would become amazing because of this person?

Mo Han knew that he would not be that person for Shen Rou in the future. His days still remained the same even after being together with Shen Rou, and he had never believed that there would be someone who would be willing to spend the dull moments together with him in his future.

Everyone in the law firm all felt that something special had happened today, for their boss Barrister Mo, labeled as a workaholic, had not come for work for the entire day.

He had sent a message to the secretary in the morning that he might be a little late as he had some personal matters to tend to today.

Yes, he said he would be a little late, yet he was still not here when there was only one hour left to go before work ended.

The secretary wanted to call Mo Han and tell him that the documents needing his signature had accumulated into a big pile in his office today. But Mo Han did mention before that he was not to be disturbed during personal time, so she hesitated to do so.

Mo Han called just as she was still pondering it. He wanted her to properly arrange the documents that needed his signature first as he would be reaching the company to retrieve them soon.

The secretary smiled as she nodded, and rushed to prepare everything. Sure enough, the firm could only continue to operate as per normal with Barrister Mo around.

At that moment, Mo Han was driving to the company in a rush after he finished calling his secretary, with an unhappy Xia Qingyi sitting next to him.

Just this afternoon, she felt so much better after she was given an IV drip and had eaten her medicine, so she left the hospital and went to school to process her change in specialization. She had promised her teacher that she would go back and finish the procedure today.

Except that she had not seen her teacher yet when Mo Han, who had gotten news about her from god-knows-where, appeared and took her back without giving her a chance to explain. Xia Qingyi was dead set on going to the school's administration building, but Mo Han immediately grabbed her arm and said that she could change her specialization, but he would let her do so only after she had rested for a few days and her body had become better.

Who would believe that?! After a few days, you may send me right back into class!

But Mo Han refused to listen to Xia Qingyi. He was afraid that she would run away again, so he forced her into his car and made her follow him to his office for his documents before going home to rest.

That was why Xia Qingyi was black-faced from when she got into the car until now.

When they reached his company, Xia Qingyi could finally break away from Mo Han and ran off to find his subordinates to play with. Liu Zhiyuan and the people around him were much more fun to play with than the aloof Mo Han.

Seeing the ungrateful Xia Qingyi chatting to Liu Zhiyuan and his subordinates looking as though she was not sick at all, Mo Han exasperatedly called his secretary into his office to manage the documents.

As he was worried about Xia Qingyi's illness, and thinking that Shen Rou had probably reached home by now, Mo Han did not stay at the firm for long, so he only signed a few important documents and took the rest back with him. When he left, he had to call for Xia Qingyi, who was still chatting with other people.

Thus, the secretary watched on with her mouth opened in surprise as the workaholic Mo Han left after staying in the office for 10 minutes.

Something important had definitely happened today.