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73 Sleeping on Your Bed

 "Give me an explanation." Shen Rou listened to the two's conversation as she stood by the bedroom door. It was the first time she had seen Mo Han this angry. His straight face was enough to make anyone around him take a few steps back in fear. Xia Qingyi was probably the only one that dared to continue doing her own thing nonchalantly.

"It's nothing much. I'm not in a good mood today since I'm not feeling well. I was the one who went to look for trouble."

"I want a reason." Mo Han raised his voice.

"There's no reason." Xia Qingyi raised her voice as well.

Mo Han took a deep breath to calm his emotions, "Then explain why you want to drop out of school."

"I never said I wanted to drop out of school. I'd told the teacher that it was either I change my course or I'll drop out."

Xia Qingyi could feel Mo Han's anger even though he had kept quiet. It was normal for him to be angry since he had done a lot so that she could go to school and here she was saying that she would not go to school just because she did not want to only after a few days. She would be angry too if she was in his shoes.

"I can change my course if you don't want me to drop out of school. I'll go to school to settle the procedures myself tomorrow. You don't have to worry."

Xia Qingyi finished calmly as she took the glass of water from the table. She glanced at the bottle of flu medicine in her hands. She was about to drink it down when Mo Han snatched the glass of water. The water fell over her as Mo Han's angry voice sounded, "What are you doing?"

Xia Qingyi stared at him at a loss. "I'm taking my medicine."

"You call this drinking medicine?" Mo Han tightened his grip on her wrist to make her look at the numerous identical bottles of flu medicine in her hand, "Do you not want to live anymore?"

Xia Qingyi came to her senses as she stared at both the medicine in her hand and the empty bottles on the floor. She did not even know when she had poured so much medicine out in her flu-induced daze.

Shen Rou was a little worried as she watched the two seeming as though they were about to start an argument from the door. She had wanted to go up and say something, but she felt that she was not in the position to say anything at the thought of having only seen Mo Han's back view from the second he had entered the room. All she could do was watch silently as the two conversed.

Xia Qingyi put a hand on her head as she said, "I'm sorry. I didn't notice since I'm so dizzy."

Mo Han kept his eyes on her. She was sitting on the cold floor without anything laid on it. She looked so dizzy that she could slump down against the floor anytime. He suddenly understood something as he remembered that she had also been sitting on the floor when he had come to her bedroom yesterday. He asked, "Have you been sleeping on the floor these few days?"

Xia Qingyi seemed to acquiesce as she kept quiet.

Mo Han smirked lightly as he placed both his hands on his waist, "And I was wondering why you'd suddenly gotten the flu today?"

Xia Qingyi remained silent.

"Why didn't you sleep on the bed?" Mo Han asked as he tried to keep his angry at bay. He had only found out that Xia Qingyi had kept many things from his knowledge - from the fight, her wanting to change her course of study, to the fact that she could only sleep on the floor as she could not get a proper sleep on the bed.

"You should know from the beginning that I can't fall asleep on the bed." Xia Qingyi spoke.

"What about that time? Didn't you sleep alright in my room?"

Shen Rou, who had been behind Mo Han, froze at his words. Why had Mo Han not told her that Xia Qingyi had slept on his bed before? What else does she not know about the two of them?

"I had only fell asleep when it was almost four A.M. on your bed that day." Xia Qingyi said calmly.

Mo Han had always thought that Xia Qingyi did not want to sleep in her bedroom alone as she was afraid of the dark. He had just found out, however, that it was because she just could not sleep well, that she could only sleep well on the floor. It was a pity that he had never realized this.