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72 Why did you figh

 "Why did she fight with the others?" Mo Han's impression of her was that although her personality might be a little overbearing sometimes, it was not that serious to the point that she would start a fight with others. Something must have happened that had made Xia Qingyi snap.

"I don't know. The girl that she fought with kept crying and wouldn't say any reasons for the fight. The classmates with her merely said that it was due to personal grudges as the two had some friction between them. Your younger sister was rather impulsive today."

"What kind of personal grudges do they have? When did the personal grudges start?" Mo Han was slightly angry. It was somewhat unfair to draw conclusions about what had happened with just that girl's explanation and without any proper investigation into what had actually happened.

The teacher started to be afraid at the sudden seriousness in Mo Han's tone. She had long heard that Barrister Mo was a cold person with bad temper. She could feel herself starting to shake even though she had only heard his voice through the phone. She started to panic even more, "Please don't be angry, Barrister Mo. We're currently looking for your younger sister. We'll definitely give you a proper explanation once we've understood the truth about what happened from her after we've found her."

"How long has she been gone?"

"I think it's been an entire afternoon."

"An entire afternoon! Why is the school only notifying me now?! She's sick today. Are you only going to call me to get her at the police station after something had happened to her outside?!" Mo Han could not help but raise his voice, while the female teacher on the other side of the call almost cried in fear of his enraged voice.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! We'll try to find her as soon as possible." The female teacher kept apologizing.

Mo Han took a deep breath after he realized that his emotions were all over the place, "I'll go look for her and find out what happened. I'll make her apologize if it's her fault. If it was the other party's fault, I hope that you'd treat the other person the same way."

"Yes... Please be assured that we would definitely do so."

Mo Han rescheduled his remaining meetings after he hung up. He grabbed his car keys that were on his office table before leaving the office to go look for Xia Qingyi.

Shen Rou had called him to ask what he was doing when he was on the road. He told her what had happened, and Shen Rou said that she wanted to go look for Xia Qingyi as well. Mo Han agreed. It was better to have one more person to look for her than to have none.

When she got in the car, Shen Rou suggested he go home and check since Xia Qingyi might have gone straight home. Mo Han thought for a while, before saying that it was impossible. She asked for a reason, and Mo Han merely replied that Xia Qingyi did not really want to go home these few days since she was at home.

Shen Rou's expression changed slightly at his reply. She fell silent as she continued to look for Xia Qingyi together with him in the car.

Only, he could not find Xia Qingyi even after driving through the entire city. It seemed as though she had vanished into thin air without leaving any trace. Mo Han barely said anything in the car as he became more irritable with each second that had passed. Shen Rou even heard him taking deep breaths several times in an attempt to calm himself down.

It was nine P.M when the two finally reached home. Mo Han had mentioned that he would file a report with the police if they still could not find Xia Qingyi by that night. They heard some small noise from Xia Qingyi's room the moment they had walked into the house however. Mo Han rushed over to open the door, only to find Xia Qingyi sitting on the floor with a small blanket covering her legs. She was lying on the table as she shakily took her medicine.

Xia Qingyi turned at the noise to see Mo Han, before turning her head back to continue looking for her medicine on the table.

"Where have you been?" Mo Han asked coldly.

"Where else could I have gone? I came back to sleep because of the dizziness."

"Your teacher told me." Mo Han said.


"About your fight."

"Oh." Xia Qingyi continued to fiddle with the bottles of medicine on the table as she did not seem to treat it as a serious matter.