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70 God brother and God sister

 "Also, did you see that brother of hers that day? The handsome one that drove the really nice car and wore a suit. I took a photo to show my friend and they said that he seems to be some kind of big shot with a strong influence in our city." One of the girl said as she covered her mouth.

"I saw! They don't look alike at all. Maybe he's a god brother that she met outside? He's even willing to spend and treat her so well!"

"That's right! They'd probably end up in bed with her calling him as her God



!" the other girl by the side mocked.

Xia Qingyi stopped when she heard the last sentence. Her fists were curled tightly as she could not keep it within her anymore. She tried to calm herself by taking deep breaths, but she still could not chase away the anger that had arose from hearing those words.

She stared pointedly at the back view of the girls as she held tightly onto the bag of medicine and aimed it at the head of the person who had said those words. Using all her strength, she threw it at the person.

"Ah...!" That girl exclaimed as the bottles of medicine fell onto the floor with a loud thud. She was so shocked that she could not speak when she saw Xia Qingyi after turning her head back.

Xia Qingyi walked over as she gave the girl a tight slap. She seethed, "You'd better watch your mouth!"

The few of them had never seen Xia Qingyi angry. Her eyes were overly fierce and piercing, as if they were a knife that could slice them alive. It made them feel extremely afraid, though the girl who had gotten hit still tried to act calm. She replied, not backing off, "Why do I have to apologize? What I said is true!"

Xia Qingyi smirked, giving the girl yet another slap, "You should know whether your words even carry any truth at all!"

The girl who had gotten hit felt her temper rise suddenly after getting hit twice. She moved up to grab at Xia Qingyi, wanting to pull her down to the floor. The other girls next to her had also started to push Xia Qingyi daringly. When the bystanders on the side of the road saw this fight that had suddenly broke out, they spread out onto both sides of the road. They were afraid that they might unintentionally get hurt in this brawl, yet were unwilling to leave as they gathered around to watch and comment on the commotion.

Xia Qingyi protected her hair with one hand while her other hand grabbed hold of the girl's hand. With a sudden sweep of her leg, the girl who had grabbed her hair was left sitting on the floor. The other girls hurriedly moved to help the girl up.

Xia Qingyi panted heavily. Her head could not be any dizzier after being swung about by that girl. Even her view was still swaying as she looked at the people around her.

"People have to be responsible for the things they say!" Xia Qingyi said as she stared at the girl.

It was probably because any pretentious relations had been torn that they had nothing else to fear. That girl stood up to point at her nose as she screamed, "What responsibility do I have to take? You're the one who throws yourself at any rich person you see like a wh*re! And you still call him older brother?! Aren't you embarrassed? We all knew from the start that he's not your older brother! He's Mo Han. Everyone in the city knows him, what kind of relations can you have with him? You don't even have the same surname! He's obviously not related to you! You're the thick-skinned one who threw yourself at him!"

Xia Qingyi had never told them about Mo Han, nor had she ever mentioned that she had an older brother. She had always thought that they were separate entities and her making friends with others would not be affected by whatever relationship she had with him. But, it seemed that she had thought wrong. All these disputes had grown just because they happened to have seen that one time when Mo Han had fetched her from school during the incident.

"Why do I feel like you're talking about yourself?" Xia Qingyi said.

"What do you mean?" the girl was confused.

"You're probably the one who's being provided for." Xia Qingyi's tone was soft, yet laced with slight mockery.

The girl froze, "That's nonsense! What are you talking about?"

"You still can't understand what I'm talking about? That thing in your bag was probably given to you by that man, isn't it?"

The girl started to avoid her eyes as her voice grew weaker, "I don't even know what you're talking about?"

God brother is Gan Gege in Chinese. Gan is used here as a pun since having s*x could also mean Gan in Chinese