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69 Disgusting words

 Shen Rou said, "I'm going out today. I've arranged it with my friends yesterday. I wanted to meet them since I'm finally back."

Mo Han replied, "That's good. It's been a really long time since you've been back after all."

"Will you send me there?"

Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows as he said, "The law firm..."

Shen Rou glared at him, "I don't care... I don't care! You have to send me there. I didn't even ask you to sit down and chat with them. All I want is for you to send me there!"

Mo Han paused momentarily, "Alright, I'll send you there later."

Shen Rou broke into a smile as she hugged his neck, wanting to kiss him on his lips. Mo Han was about to avoid the kiss when Xia Qingyi walked out of her bedroom. She blinked blankly at the two's actions, before she tilted her head down. She then took the books that she had left in the living room yesterday and placed them in her bag. With a loud slam on the door, she walked out without a word.

Shen Rou did not know why but she had always felt some kind of hostility against this younger sister of Mo Han that had appeared out of nowhere. She would always have this strong urge to pull and hide Mo Han behind her as she could not help but feel nervous whenever she saw Mo Han and Xia Qingyi standing together.

She knew that it was quite childish or a little hard to imagine that she would have such thoughts. But...

She had a strong feeling that Mo Han would be taken away by Xia Qingyi.

The thing was, she clearly knew that Mo Han someone who made others feel very distant from him. She had to admit this even though she was his girlfriend.

Xia Qingyi had just bought her medicine from the school's clinic. She walked dizzily towards her classroom with the medicine in her hand. She had came to the clinic in between the classes, which was why the teacher was still lecturing nonstop in the classroom when she had returned. She pushed the classroom door open carefully, opting to sit at the last row which was nearest to her instead of joining her friends at the front of the classroom. She was too lazy to take out the textbook in her flu-induced daze as she laid down on the table, ready to take a nap.

After she had closed her eyes to take a nap, Xia Qingyi only woke up later due to the ringing bell. She lifted her head to see that people had started to leave the classroom one by one. It might have been due to the nap but her mind was slightly clearer now. Her throat still hurt badly, however. She hurriedly got up to leave with her friends, seeing that the few friends that she usually left the school with had their belongings and were walking out of the classroom.

There was still a distance between them as Xia Qingyi followed behind them. She quickened her steps to catch up and just as she was about to open her mouth to call their names, the girl walking in the middle spoke.

"This feels great. I feel so much more at ease now that Xia Qingyi has finally left!"

"With her throat's condition today, it seemed like she had gotten the flu. Didn't she told us that she was going to get some medicine earlier?"

"Who cares about her? I feel so at ease even when she's not next to us for just a minute."

The other girl on the side agreed, "Precisely. With her weird personality, what's the point of having a pretty face when she treats us so indifferently whenever we speak to her?! What is she so arrogant about? Not to mention that she sticks to us like gum everyday!"

Xia Qingyi felt so disgusted as she listened to the conversation. She chose to keep quiet instead as she stared ahead at the 'friends' that had always acted nice in front of her yet were talking behind her back now.

"Also, wasn't she the first one to find the dead body when someone died at our school that day? If it was any other person, they would have cried from fear already. But her expression didn't change at all as she continued to do what she was supposed to do. What a weird person! I don't even know what they talked about when the police called her out of class everyday."

"The police might have suspected her of being the murderer. It's not something impossible."

Xia Qingyi did not know why she was still following them as she listened to their disgusting words. She just could not seem to control the urge to know what else these pretentious people could say of her.