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68 Sick With Flu

 The next morning, Xia Qingyi had the flu.

Only Xia Qingyi knew that she had not slept for two consecutive nights. She had not actually slept for the entire night when Mo Han had asked her why she had woken up so early that day. She had tossed and turned on her bed without any hint of sleepiness. She had eventually decided to just sit on the floor with the windows opened as she listened to the quiet night outside.

Xia Qingyi had been very tired after Mo Han had left her room last night, but she found herself in the same situation as the night before. She could not fall asleep the moment she lay on the bed. She sighed heavily as she wrapped herself in her blanket. However, after opening the window to lie on the floor, she had quickly fallen asleep.

Only, she had not expected that it would rain that night.

When she woke up in the morning, all she knew was that her head was dizzy and sleepy and that her throat was so dry that she could not say anything. Her body too, felt so sore that she did not want to move. She struggled to sit up and saw that the blanket on her had long been kicked to the side by herself while her clothes were moist.

She took a deep breath, only to find that her nose had been blocked. Her voice was also completely off from her usual one when she spoke.

She got up with her blanket in her hands as she went to look at her phone. It was only seven A.M. It was still raining when she looked out of the window to see the gray and cloudy sky. She closed the window and decided to go take a hot shower to rid the coldness from her body.

After her shower, Xia Qingyi was ready to go get a glass of water from outside with her wet hair. The moment she walked out however, she had coincidentally bumped into Mo Han.

Mo Han had also just woken up. He was a little surprised to see her in this state. Did she not usually laze in bed until very late before she got up? Why was she up so early these past two days?

"Why did you wake up so early?" Mo Han asked.

Xia Qingyi walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Her throat continued to hurt even after drinking the glass of water, "I don't know."

Xia Qingyi froze once she had spoken. She had originally thought that her throat was only slightly sore, thought she now knew that her throat was so dry after what had just happened. She could barely hear her voice, as it sounded as if someone had taken a chainsaw to her throat.

Mo Han froze as well, "How did your throat become like this?"

Xia Qingyi took another glass of water, "I have the flu."

"You didn't sleep well last night?" Mo Han realized that her face was slightly pale when he walked towards her.

Xia Qingyi nodded, "It's alright. I'd just taken a hot shower. I'll be fine in a while."

Her voice was so dry that it was hard on his ears. Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows, "Go and buy some medicine. Don't delay buying it."

"I know."

Mo Han watched as she replied to him with her eyes closed as if she was just humoring him. It seemed as thought she had not even registered what he had said. He was slightly angry that she seemed to only know how to nod her head as she stood there with her pale face, "Did you hear what I'd just told you? Go and buy your medicine. Do you know where the pharmacy is?"

"I know. I'll buy the medicine at the school's hospital when I go to school for class later." Xia Qingyi did not want to say anything else. Her throat hurt whenever she spoke.

"You don't have to go to school today if you don't feel too well. You can just excuse yourself with your teachers."

Xia Qingyi turned her head to glance at him before saying, "There's no need for that. I only have a sore throat."

Xia Qingyi finished her water as she added, "I don't feel like talking anymore today. My throat hurts too much. Please do not talk to me anymore. Also, I'll go to school myself later."

With that said, she returned to her bedroom as she walked past Mo Han with her dizzy head and squinted eyes.

Mo Han was about to open his mouth to nag at Xia Qingyi more as he stared at her retreating back, just as Shen Rou walked out from his bedroom. She wanted to greet Xia Qingyi properly at the sight of her walking towards her bedroom dizzily. However, her mood soured at the sight of Xia Qingyi's expression that seemed to not pay any heed to anyone.

She did not greet Xia Qingyi, opting to walk towards Mo Han instead. She held onto his arm, "Did you just wake up?"

Mo Han hummed shortly in response.