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67 I Want to Stay by You

 Mo Han turned to look at her, "There's some things that I need to discuss with her tonight."

Shen Rou sneered, "What is it that I can't know?"

Mo Han glanced at her, as he said, "It's just some things that happened in school. You can come in and listen if you want to."

Shen Rou's heart relaxed a little at this, "I don't want to listen to your meaningless conversation."

Mo Han said, "Don't just leave the dishes that you cooked like that. You should go eat first."

"No, I want to eat together with you." Shen Rou whined.

Mo Han sighed, "Alright. I'll go talk to her first, then come back and eat with you."

Shen Rou finally smiled, "Go quickly. I'll wait for you."

Mo Han knocked on Xia Qingyi's door, but no-one responded. Mo Han peered through the gap under the door to see that there was no light.

"Are you asleep?"

"I'm asleep." Xia Qingyi replied grumpily from inside.

Mo Han kept quiet as he opened the door. There was no light in the room apart from the small flash of light shining into her room from the living room so he could not see where she was.

"Why didn't you turn on the lights?" he asked.

"Didn't I tell you I was asleep?" Xia Qingyi's tone was one laced with slight resentment. She had originally thought that Mo Han would close the door after hearing what she had said and leave what he had wanted to say to the next day. She had thought wrong.

Mo Han turned on the lights of the room with a loud click, and the room was suddenly filled with light. Every corner of the room was exposed to him, while Xia Qingyi had her arms wrapped around her legs. She was sitting on the floor by the bed as she used her hand to block her eyes from the sudden light.

"Can't you say something if you're turning on the lights?" Xia Qingyi shouted.

Mo Han did not reply as he closed the door behind him. He walked up next to her and looked down at her, "Why are you back so early today?"

Xia Qingyi continued to stare at the empty window outside with her back facing him, "I don't have night classes today."

"Why didn't you eat dinner outside?"

"I'm not hungry."

"It's rare to hear you say that." Mo Han laughed.

"What did you want to talk to me about when you mentioned it in the morning?" Xia Qingyi took the initiative to ask.

Mo Han sat on her bed as he looked out of the window like she did. "I was in a hurry this morning. Now that I've thought about it, we should discuss it later instead."

Xia Qingyi mentally rolled her eyes, though she felt slightly glad. She had been afraid that Mo Han had wanted to tell her to move out, that he had wanted to chase her out of his place.

"It'll be too rushed tonight. It's hard to explain everything about it properly in such a short time." Mo Han had changed his mind the moment he had entered the house. He should find a chance with ample time for them to sit down properly to discuss about the relationship he had with his parents. For now, he just wanted to relax while he sat next to her. That was why he had kept quiet and followed Xia Qingyi's gaze out of the window, as quietness lingered in the room.

"What do you think they're doing?" Xia Qingyi seemed to be talking to herself as she stared out of the window with her head tilted at an angle.


"What are they're doing? My real family..." Xia Qingyi repeated.

"I think they should be looking for you." Mo Han could see a tinge of loneliness as he stared at Xia Qingyi's thin back.

"But why do I think that they've given up on me?" Xia Qingyi laughed bitterly.

If they had not given up on her, why did they not come to look for her in the hospital after the doctor had given her four consecutive critically ill notices?

If they had not given up on her, why had they not come to look for her after she had recovered?

If they had not given up on her, why were all the memories that she could recall bitter and anguishing?

"How long can I stay here?" Xia Qingyi asked. She was asking him when she would be chased out of his place.

Mo Han's heart ached for a second. He caressed the small girl's soft hair in front of her, as the words left him, "You can stay until they find you."

Xia Qingyi froze. She kept silent at the feeling of his hand moving against her hair.