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66 The lying woman

 She had managed to return home only slightly later than usual even having moved in the slowest way possible. Not only so, the thing that she had wanted to see the most happened right as she stepped into the house.

Shen Rou was looking at her affectionately on the sofa with an apron wrapped around her waist.

Xia Qingyi merely glanced at her once without a word. She changed her shoes, wanting to walk past her to return to her bedroom immediately.

"Younger sister."

Xia Qingyi jumped in shock at Shen Rou's voice. She had almost thrown the keys in her hands.

Shen Rou had already moved towards her to pull on her elbow in the meantime. She smiled at her, wanting to pull her to sit on the sofa.

Xia Qingyi forced a smile as she shrugged out of Shen Rou's grip on her elbow. She said, 'I don't think I'm your younger sister."

"You're Mo Han's younger sister, so that means you're my younger sister too. I'll address you the same way Mo Han address you."

"Mo Han has never called me that either. I'm not really close to Mo Han since I've only met him for the first time a while back. You can just address me by my name." Xia Qingyi did not bother to keep a smile on her face anymore.

Shen Rou was silently happy at this. She had originally thought that this Xia Qingyi who had suddenly appeared was very important to Mo Han. Though, it seems that she was just a nobody.

"Than I'll just call you Xiao Xia if you don't mind." Shen Rou pulled her arm once more, as she said, "I hope you don't mind my attitude yesterday, I wasn't very nice."

"I'm sorry but I do mind." Xia Qingyi could not care to show any consideration for Shen Rou's feelings.

Shen Rou wanted to flare up. She had merely slapped Xia Qingyi twice; who was she to be so arrogant? When had she ever apologized to someone so humbly? When had she ever talked to another woman so softly?

"It was my fault. Just blame this older sister. Look, I've even cooked dinner to apologize to you." Shen Rou was still smiling on the surface as she pulled Xia Qingyi towards the kitchen.

Xia Qingyi glanced at the dining table which was full of food, then glanced at Shen Rou. She laughed in ridicule in her mind.

This woman was a shameless liar.

The rubbish bin still had the takeaway bags from a hotel. She was wearing a nice apron but did not have any cooking odor on her. It was a bit of a stretch to say that she had cooked all of the dishes on the dining table.

"I'm not that hungry. You should eat with older... Mo Han... instead." Xia Qingyi turned to walk towards her bedroom. Shen Rou shouted behind her, not giving up, "Let's eat together then! Mo Han should be back soon."

Such a double-faced woman, Shen Rou should be the one who did not want to eat with her instead, Xia Qingyi thought as she walked.

When Mo Han came back, Shen Rou was still sitting on the sofa, watching the television with the apron still on her. The entire house was so quiet that only the broken conversation sounds from the television could be heard.

"You're back." Shen Rou went to welcome Mo Han. She stretched her arms to wrap them around his neck, wanting so badly to hang on him.

Mo Han put down the document bag in his hand while he used his hands to put some distance between the two of them, "Let go first. I need to loosen my tie."

Shen Rou moved away slightly, turning to pull on his elbow instead, "Are you hungry? I've made a lot of food for you."

She led Mo Han towards the kitchen to let him have a glance of the untouched dishes on the dining table, "The food seemed to be a little cold now. I'll warm them up later. You shouldn't eat cold food since your stomach isn't good."

Mo Han glanced at the dishes on the table as he said, "It's fine. I'm not that hungry now, just leave the food there first." He took off the suit jacket he was wearing and pulled off his tie. He asked, "Is she back yet?"

Shen Rou became slightly unhappy as she knew who Mo Han was talking about. "Yes, she's back. She's been in her bedroom for a while."

Mo Han put down his clothes as he turned and walked towards Xia Qingyi's room. Shen Rou pulled his arm, as her expression fell, "We haven't even talked properly since you've come back but you're going to find her already?"