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65 My Brothers Girlfriend

 She tried to think hard again, only to find that she still had no recollection of her memories.

"What's wrong?" Zhang Yang found it weird for Xia Qingyi had stopped suddenly.

Xia Qingyi could not remember anything still as her train of thought was pulled back by Zhang Yang. She looked up to give Zhang Yang a small smile, "Nothing."

Zhang Yang asked once more, "Actually, I've been wanting to ask how you've been able to guess the murderer's psychology spot-on all the time for this case?"

Xia Qingyi was stunned at the question, "I don't know either. It just... seemed to come to mind."

Zhang Yang stared at her in surprise.

"To be honest, I don't really know how you police solve your cases or apprehend the suspects. Somehow, I was able to guess their psychology with a look at the crime scene. I had simply followed their train of thought and reasoned that the murderer will appear at the crime scene again. Also, the suggestion I gave to provoke the murderer with those photos was actually a guess. I wasn't very certain about that either."

Zhang Yang widened his eyes at her, "What else can I say then? The only thing I can probably say is that you have a talent in this."

Xia Qingyi smiled, "Not really. I can only tell a bit more than you at most."

"Would you consider a career in the police force to solve cases with me?"

"No." Xia Qingyi rejected without hesitation.


How could Xia Qingyi tell him that she was merely using another person's identity to live? Not to mention, she just did not seem to like the police. She replied curtly, "Didn't I say already that I don't know how to solve cases? I can only see people a bit better at best."

"But, don't you think you're wasting your talent here?"

If it was wasting her talent, then so be it. She did not want to understand a person's psychology better than others anyway, Xia Qingyi thought to herself.

"I just want to focus on my studies right now." Xia Qingyi was silently mocking herself for saying such a ridiculous thing.

"What are you studying?"

"Human resource management."

"What's there to learn about a course that makes you busy doing miscellaneous work while sitting in an office all day?

Xia Qingyi merely smiled as she kept quiet. In her mind however, she was scolding Zhang Yang endlessly. She chose not to express this.

"Would you consider finding a part-time job?" Zhang Yang was trying to find a new topic to talk about to stave off his boredom.


"Just look at your current boring student life. I know the boss of a detective agency that usually helps their clients to investigate some things privately. The working hours are not fixed and the job is quite comfortable usually. They need people with your talent. The pay isn't low either. Do you want me to talk to the boss to let you work for him?"

Xia Qingyi was hesitating. This job that Zhang Yang mentioned seemed quite good. She was not repulsed by the idea, at least, and thought that the job was quite suitable for her. She had wanted to work originally, not study anyway. But she knew that Mo Han would definitely not agree to the idea.

"It's okay. I think I'm fine like this."

"Suit yourself. Let me know whenever you want the job."

It was already late evening when Xia Qingyi was done chatting with Zhang Yang. At the thought of seeing Mo Han's girlfriend who had slapped her twice yesterday, she was still annoyed and reluctant to return home.

Xia Qingyi had never thought about finding trouble with Shen Rou. All she wanted was for that girlfriend of Mo Han to not find trouble to her. It would be best if they never get the chance to talk to each other. It would also be fine if they just ignored each other when they met.

But, Mo Han and Shen Rou will probably get married eventually. What would she do when they have to live together once Shen Rou becomes her sister-in-law?

She could not possibly bear the same attitude towards Shen Rou forever if they were to stay under the same roof.

Also, it was not certain if Mo Han, legally her older brother, would chase her out of his house. It would be too easy for Mo Han to abandon a stranger since they were not blood related in the first place.

Her heart could not help but to ache at the thought of Mo Han chasing her out of his house in the future. Where would she go if she were to leave him? She did not know anyone.