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62 I love you

 Shen Rou was still awake when Mo Han had went back to the room. She seemed to be in a good mood as she lay on his bed while playing with her phone.

"Why are you only back now?" Shen Rou pouted as she put down her phone to look at Mo Han.

Mo Han sat by the side of his bed, taking off his watch to place it on the shelf, "I just happened to remember that I have some work to settle."

Shen Rou hugged him from behind. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she leaned to place a chaste kiss on his cheek, "Why are you still the same old you? The only thing you still know is to work."

Mo Han's expression showed slight exhaustion as he unconsciously moved slightly away , "Why are you still awake?"

"I was waiting for you." Shen Rou smiled as she moved to kiss him on the lips, only to be pushed away quickly by Mo Han, "I'm a little tired today. Go to sleep early."

Shen Rou was a little unhappy as she let go of him to lean against the headrest of the bed, "Is this how you treat me after I came all the way from America?!"

"You shouldn't have acted that way earlier." Mo Han replied.

Shen Rou leaned against the wall behind her. She hugged her arms as she frowned slightly, "I've already apologized to her. What else do you want me to do?" Shen Rou stared at Mo Han's back in confusion, "I'm curious. Why haven't I heard you mention this adopted sister before?"

"I've only just found out about this too." Mo Han replied indifferently, "She traveled all the way from America by herself to look for me."

"And you've let her stay at your place? Why didn't I know that you were so warm-hearted, Mo Han? She's just a stranger to you, don't tell me that you've really treated her as a younger sister?"

"She is my younger sister." Mo Han's tone was one that was intolerant of questioning.

"So what if she's your younger sister? Do you have to start an argument with me just because of her when I've just come back?" Shen Rou felt a little wronged and was unwilling to back down.

Mo Han kept quiet for a while, before he sighed heavily. He then stood up and said, "I'm going to shower now. If you're sleepy, sleep first."

However, Shen Rou was still awake when Mo Han was out from the shower. She was still sitting in the same position as she stared directly at him without a word.

Mo Han merely went to turn off the lights before lying down on one side of the bed and covered himself with a blanket. Shen Rou moved to hug him tightly the moment he lay down. If Mo Han wanted to move slightly, she would then hug him tighter to keep him in place, so that he could not move anymore.

"Mo Han, let's not fight, alright?" Shen Rou whispered softly in the darkness.

"I love you. Let's not leave each other again. Let's not separate again." Shen Rou murmured as she cuddled against Mo Han's chest.

Humans often chose to lie to themselves to run away from situations they did not wish to see happen. They would often weave a perfect illusion to tell themselves that everything was fine.

It was not that they did not know what was going on. It was just that they did not want to confront reality.

Shen Rou had been trying to run away from the fact that her relationship with Mo Han had started to crack a long time ago.

She was just unwilling to confront that fact, because it would mean that she would have to leave Mo Han forever if she were to do so. She knows very well that Mo Han never went back on his decisions once he had made them.

Xia Qingyi was already dressed properly as she ate her breakfast at the dining table when Mo Han left his bedroom after having just woken up the next day.

"Why are you up so early?" Mo Han walked towards Xia Qingyi dressed in his home clothes and his bed hair

"Hm, I can't go back to sleep after I've woken up in the morning." Xia Qingyi did not spare Mo Han a glance as she continued to eat the sandwich that she had made herself.