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60 I Cant See Through Him

 Shen Rou walked over and sat beside Mo Han, cuddling up to him gently. She could see that he was unhappy, so she wanted to soothe his temper and said, "Alright, I was too rash today, I won't do it again. You're tired too, we should go to bed early."

Mo Han felt tired. He had never felt tired in the past, so why was he tired today? He could not move at all, as though his entire body was immersed in mud.

Mo Han heard the sounds of Xia Qingyi opening and closing the doors, and saw her hugging the thick rug close to herself as she walked alone into the guest room that she had been unwilling to stay in previously.

Shen Rou saw that Xia Qingyi had closed the doors, and spoke softly into Mo Han's ear, "When did this sister of yours came? Why didn't you tell me about this the last time I called?"

Mo Han suddenly felt his head throb. "I forgot to tell you, there wasn't enough time." He detached Shen Rou's arms from his body and said tiredly, "You just came back, unpack your things and go to sleep first. I want to be by myself for a while."

Shen Rou did not dare to make Mo Han angry again, and said softly, "Then I'll go first, join me soon."

Mo Han nodded his head.

He sat at the sofa by himself for a long time. There had been no noises coming from Xia Qingyi's room for a long time. She was probably asleep since she had gone to bed early. On the contrary, there were still some sounds coming from his own room.

As that the sounds from his room were getting quieter, he suddenly felt like smoking.

He was not addicted to smoking, but he would smoke a couple of cigarettes occasionally when he felt too stressed at work. It was actually the first time for him that the need to smoke had arisen out of the blue.

Mo Han stood up, fished out a lighter and cigarettes from the drawer, opened the window and went to the balcony to smoke in the dark.

He was smoking halfway when he heard the sound of movement behind him. Turning around, he saw Xia Qingyi walking to the kitchen for some water. He did not know whether she had seen him, only that she seemed like she was going back to her room immediately after getting some water.

"Xia Qingyi," Mo Han spoke.

Stopping in her tracks, she turned around, looked at him expressionlessly and did not speak.

"Come here," Mo Han said as he sucked in a breath of smoke.

"I was going back to sleep after getting some water."

"I want you to come here," Mo Han nodded his head at the space beside him.

She thought for a while and walked over eventually, but she stood at the entryway instead, keeping a distance away from him. "What is it?""

"Are you angry?"

Xia Qingyi smiled scornfully. "Letting someone slap me twice for absolutely no reason, how is that worth getting angry about?"

"She is... too reckless, I'll apologize to you on her behalf," Mo Han said as he looked at her.

"I'm not that petty, she's already apologized to me."

"Apply some ice to your face. If not it'll swell tomorrow," Mo Han said.

"I know."

Xia Qingyi actually could see through many people. Some did not even have to speak, and she would be able to tell what they were like purely from their facial expressions and body language alone. However, she realized that she had never been able to see through Mo Han.

She knew as much as the people around him. Every time she thought that she understood him a bit more, he would always immediately disprove her theory.

"Do you know the real reason why I'm angry?" Xia Qingyi asked.

Mo Han looked at her.

"You don't acknowledge me as your adopted sister in your heart at all."

"Why would you think so?" Mo Han asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"You've never mentioned me to your real family before," Xia Qingyi directly looked into his eyes.

Mo Han had never seen such a look in her eyes before. So sharp and intense, as though it penetrated right through his heart.