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58 To Receive a Lashing

 Shen Rou felt as though she had been plunged into ice cold water. She found herself unable to speak, her hands unusually cold, and every strand of her hair was trembling. Impossible! Impossible!

She went mad and rushed into Mo Han's bedroom, trying to get rid the absurd thoughts in her head. But when she pushed the door open, she froze. There was a rug beside Mo Han's bed, and a second blanket was lying on top of it. That clearly belonged to a woman.

She stumbled into the other rooms, wishing for a sliver of hope that could prove that she was wrong. Unfortunately, she came across the wardrobe.

The wardrobe was full of female clothes, and there was even a table with female toiletries on top.

She felt her head hurt as though it was about to explode. Seeing all those clothes made her grit her teeth in anger. She could not stand it any longer, so she threw everything into the living room. She tried her best to damage them, flinging them using all her strength and stamping on them with her feet. And she did the same to the toiletries as well. She threw everything that appeared to belong to that woman.

She could not let any traces of another woman remain here. Mo Han belonged to her alone!

She did not know how that woman had shamelessly clung onto Mo Han during the time she was absent. But no matter what it took, she would definitely make that woman leave him.

Shen Rou's hair had already become dishevelled from her rage. With both hands trembling, she wanted to call Mo Han and ask him exactly what was going on, what had happened during the period that she was not here.

She had not yet made the call when she heard the sound of the door opening outside.

Xia Qingyi just reached home, still carrying her bag on her shoulders. She looked down and wanted to change into her slippers but realized that her slippers had disappeared. She felt a little uncertain, and when she raised her head, she saw a beautiful woman glaring furiously at her, her damaged clothes and belongings at the woman's feet.

Xia Qingyi did not wear any shoes and slowly walked over in her bare feet.

She did not walk far before Shen Rou rushed over and swung her palm across her face. "Slut!"

A red weal immediately appeared on her face. Xia Qingyi licked the corner of her mouth where it stung, and her head was a little giddy from the slap. She steadied herself and raised her head to look at Shen Rou.

Needless to say, even she could already guess who the woman was-most likely Brother's girlfriend.

The woman was probably jealous after seeing her things. However, this seemed to be a bit too much.

Xia Qingyi forced herself to smile. "You're his girlfriend, right?" When she was standing at the entrance, she had originally thought that the woman, who was clearly hostile towards her, had probably misunderstood something, so she had wanted to go forward and ask about it. But the slap the woman delivered had made her feel rather muddled.

Shen Rou glared at her and said with her teeth clenched, "You're even aware that I'm his girlfriend."

"I've heard it from other people."

Shen Rou could not contain her temper any longer, and swung her palm towards her again, but Xia Qingyi firmly caught her arm this time round. "Hitting me once is enough, hitting me twice is against the rules."

"I'll hit you how many times I want to! You slut, nobody's going to bother you even if I make you bleed!" Shen Rou wanted to tear the woman in front of her apart. "What's your relationship with Mo Han?!"

"He's my older brother."

"Brother! How affectionate! Brother and sister, huh, you think you're tricking a kid! How long had you been with Mo Han? Do you think he really loves you? I can understand that he was feeling lonely since we've been apart for so long. You're merely just a tool for him to stave off his boredom! Don't kid yourself!"