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57 Returning to China

 No matter how long Xia Qingyi looked at the phone, she did not feel anything close to what she had in the morning. She did not see anything that helped spark her memory, and she felt nothing looking at the two letters.

Xia Qingyi even suspected that the scene that had appeared this morning was a figment of her imagination.

"Have you remembered anything?"

"Nothing," she shook her head.

"Then stop thinking, go to sleep, it's already so late."

"If one day I remembered everything, what should I do?"

Mo Han froze for a moment, then smiled gently. "What can you do? Didn't we agree that we would send you back to your life if you remembered everything? I'm not your real brother after all."

Mo Han could clearly see from Xia Qingyi's face that she was dejected. He forced himself to smile and said, "That's right, you have to leave eventually."

She raised her head and stared at Mo Han, her expression back to normal, and said quickly, "I'm going back to sleep, you should go to sleep too."

If everything went smoothly, Xia Qingyi would return back to her own home after she regained her memory, Mo Han would receive some remuneration for the period of time he had taken care of her, and the two of them would no longer have to continue this strange adoptive sibling relationship. He was still a cold taciturn workaholic after all. It seemed like everything would return to as it was before.

Except, no-one could predict what the future held.

Mo Han did not know what Xia Qingyi regaining her memory would mean to him.

Everything had already changed completely.

It was after the call with Mo Han that Shen Rou suddenly decided to return to China. She had not seen Mo Han for three months already. The last time she had seen him was because there was a case overseas that required his attention, so he met up with her in America. They had gone through periods even longer than three months of not seeing each other since she had left the country a year ago. But for some unknown reason, Shen Rou had an inexplicable urge to return after that phone call.

She felt that Mo Han had changed a little, though she had no idea whether it was good or bad for her.

The main reason was that she missed Mo Han, she wanted to spend more time together with him. So she took one month's leave despite objections from her employer and returned to China.

It was already seven p.m. when she arrived at the airport. Originally, she had wanted to call Mo Han and ask him to pick her up, but he would definitely still be working at this time, and he hated being disturbed during work. Anyway, she had the keys to his house, so she thought that she should go back first and wait for him at home to surprise him.

Therefore, she put her phone back into her pocket, carried her luggage and called for a taxi to Mo Han's house. Mo Han was going to be so delighted when he returned and saw her at home.

It was only when Shen Rou moved the luggage into the living room did she feel that something was wrong.

Something felt off.

She looked around the surroundings cautiously. Her eyes swept across the vase of fresh flowers on the table, and there were traces of someone entering and leaving the kitchen in the morning. There was a cushion with a cotton floral print, a gray rug, and even a pair of shoes one size smaller than hers.

Wrong! Wrong! Everything felt wrong!

Mo Han would definitely not place things like flowers in his house, he did not use the kitchen, and it was more likely that he would buy lifestyle products like the cushion at the supermarket. And the pair of shoes at her feet definitely belonged to someone else.

Someone else was living in this house, possibly a woman, and she had lived here for a long time.