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55 Ill Carry You

 Ever since the law firm he had established had gotten on track, he had become very busy. He received a lot of requests for his help on tricky cases as a top tier lawyer. He wanted his law firm to gain an even greater reputation and have a wider range, so there were a lot of things he had to do himself.

He did not really have any hobbies. Due to his aloof nature, he did not have many friends other than Bai Yu. How busy his career was did not matter much to him, and he always laughed off being labelled a workaholic by others.

So when the secretary opened his door and said that it was already 10 P.M., and whether he was going back soon, he realised that he had not made the best use of his time. He had become a workaholic.

"You can go home, I still have a little more to go."

The secretary wanted to leave, but as she was pushing the door open she turned around hesitantly and said, "Boss, there's always work for you to do, so please take care of your health."

Mo Han smiled. "I know."

After the secretary left, he finished up the report for the last case, rolled his shoulders and prepared to leave. He glanced at his phone before he remembered that he had switched it off earlier, no wonder it had been so quiet during work today.

Mo Han switched on his phone and saw that it was almost nearly eleven, and that he had a few unreceived calls from Xia Qingyi. He thought about it and realised that Xia Qingyi would usually call him on her way home from school and ask him what time he would be heading back, but he had forgotten to tell her that he would be very late.

Mo Han switched off all the lights, and walked in the darkness thinking about whether he should call her back. But she was probably already asleep as it was already 11P.M., so he did not call in the end, thinking that he just had to move more quietly when he reached home.

It was almost midnight. There were few cars on the road, so he only took 11 minutes to drive home. He parked his car, took his car keys and briefcase and was walking towards his house when he had a strange feeling.

His house was on the 12th floor, and somewhere far below, he saw that there was someone at the stairs to his building. After walking closer, his eyes widened - it was Xia Qingyi!

Mo Han quickly walked over and found Xia Qingyi lying crooked against the wall, a rug covering her legs, sleeping soundly with her eyes closed.

Mo Han hurriedly shook her awake. "Wake up, wake up."

Eyes still heavy with sleep, Xia Qingyi raised her head and looked at him and said softly, "Brother, you're back."

"Why are you sleeping here in the middle of the night?" Mo Han was a little angry.

"Waiting for you," Xia Qingyi looked at him.

Mo Han felt his heart jolt in his chest and asked, "Why did you come downstairs to wait for me?"

Xia Qingyi's legs were sore because she had sat cross-legged for a long time. She stretched them out and massaged them. "I called you when I reached home, but your phone was switched off. I didn't want to sleep that early, so I went to watch some television while I waited for you. But I got bored, so I took the rug and went outside for some fresh air while I waited for you. I just fell asleep after sitting for so long."

"If my phone is switched off, didn't you think of calling to my office, and then go to sleep by yourself first?" Angry that she had come out to wait all by herself, Mo Han became irritable. He was unaware of how intimidating his manner was.

"You think I wanted to wait for you, it's just me alone at home, I was bored and I can't fall asleep," Xia Qingyi did not know why he was angry. It was she who had waited for him for such a long time and she was the one who was affected, not him.

"Why are you so stupid!" Mo Han stood at the stairs, looking at Xia Qingyi who was still sitting on the floor, sighed and said, "Why are you still here! Go home and sleep."

Xia Qingyi pouted and glared at him. It was only when she went to stand that she realised that her legs were too numb to stand. Frowning, she massaged her legs and grimaced in pain.

Mo Han sighed again, bent down and softened his voice. "Come on. I'll carry you."