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54 Marriage

 "Will you never take the initiative to call me if I don't call you first?" Shen Rou's tone was slightly accusatory.

Mo Han put down his pen, "No."

"I know, you'll say you're too busy. As if I'm not! I'm working myself to death over here everyday, and I'm the one who has to take the initiative to call you whenever we fight."

"I'm sorry," Mo Han said.

After hearing his apology, Shen Rou quietened down a little. "It's been more than a month since we contacted each other, hasn't it?"


They had been together for 3 years. She had not taken the fight with Mo Han to heart, and it had not really been a fight anyway. It was just that she had unintentionally brought up the project she was in charge of in America to Mo Han, and Mo Han had disagreed with her methods, saying that she was too impatient. At that time, she was already in a bad mood due to being scolded by her boss, and when she heard his rebuke, she had ended up fighting with him.

Whenever Shen Rou lost her temper, Mo Han mostly stayed silent and never argued with her. It was just that the longer they were together, the more irritated she became with how he would never say a single word whenever they fought. She got so angry that she told him to stop contacting her and take some time off to cool down.

"Mo Han, let's stop our cold war and make up."


"I've missed you." Shen Rou said gently, "Mo Han, do you want to come to America?"

"Haven't we talked about this before? I don't want to go to America to work."

"Why don't you want to work here? There are clearly more opportunities for you to develop your career here, plus your parents are over here as well, so it'll be more convenient for you to meet up with them."

Mo Han stayed silent. He could not say that it was because of his parents that he did not want to move to America.

He actually did not tell Shen Rou much about his parents. After all, his relationship with his parents had never been close since he had grown up. They would only discuss work-related things, and rarely interacted with each other during their personal time. She only knew that his parents lived in America, while he had moved back to China by himself to establish his career after he graduated from university.

"If you want me to visit you in America, I can fly over there after some time. If you're talking about working over there, then forget it."

"But we have to get married eventually. We can't always just live separately like this. Sooner or later we have to find a place, we have to visit your parents, so living in America's the best place!" Shen Rou could not understand why he had always refused to move, when it was clear that he would have much more better opportunities and could build a greater reputation for himself in America as compared to in China.

Mo Han was surprised to hear Shen Rou talk about marriage. He felt that it was still too early to talk about marriage, and had never thought of going to America to marry and settle down. "Shen Rou, I don't know if you misunderstood. I never said that I want to return to America. My career is here, and I don't intend to leave here for some time."

Hearing this, Shen Rou felt irritated. "I don't want to fight with you again after we'd just reconciled. Let's talk about this problem next time."

Mo Han said nothing.

"That's it, I'm hanging up, let's talk next time," Shen Rou did not wait for Mo Han to say anything and hung up.

Mo Han looked at his phone screen and sighed. He could feel some frustration building within him. He switched off his phone, placed it at the side, and continued to work.