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53 Girlfriend

 "Still thinking about that tattoo?"

Xia Qingyi nodded her head.

"If you can't figure it out then stop thinking about it."

"I can't see the tattoo on my back. Take a photo of it for me, I want to see it."

Mo Han merely held the steering wheel and made a turn at the crossroad as he said in an emotionless tone, "Okay."

Xia Qingyi was in class when Zhang Yang called her again. Her class had a very strict teacher, so she was lucky that her phone was on silent mode. She bent down and secretly switched off the phone.

After that, Xia Qingyi sent a message.

I'm in class!

Zhang Yang messaged back immediately. I've some good news to tell you, the murderer has been caught.


Why are you so calm? Don't you want to know how we caught him?!

How did you catch him.

We caught him at the site where the teacher was killed last night. I told my mentor those words you told me a few days ago. The superiors didn't believe it and said it was too subjective. Since I couldn't send someone to monitor the site, I could only convince a few pals to watch the site with me these few nights. We just happened to see someone standing still at a spot last night. I thought that was strange, and thinking about what you said, I felt that something was wrong, so we arrested him.

Did he struggle?

No, I thought this was strange too. He was very calm when we arrested him.

Where is he now?

At the police station, awaiting interrogation.

Xia Qingyi looked at the words Zhang Yang sent. Her fingers paused at the keyboard for a while, before she sent a sentence back to Zhang Yang.

He will remain silent and is secretly laughing on the inside, because he is waiting for the moment when you will release him because of the lack of evidence.

After Zhang Yang saw what Xia Qingyi had sent, he felt his heart jolt. He turned and walked towards the interrogation room at the end of the corridor. He had not gone in yet, so he did not know the situation inside.

He understood what Xia Qingyi meant. The murderer was extremely clever-he wore gloves when he committed the crime, and even if he raped the victims, he did not leave any traces of semen on their bodies. All they could find was some lubricants for condoms, and the DNA samples that could be retrieved from the 3 victims were too damaged to be used for comparison with his DNA. Even if they were a match, it would take a lot of time to confirm, and the suspect would have to be released by then. Without any clear evidence, they would have to release him.

Once he was out, it would not be easy to detain him again.

Xia Qingyi quickly sent over another sentence. Let him see some erotic pictures, especially pictures of voluptuous girls in red underwear. Say something provocative to him, and you will get some of the information that you want.

Will this work?

You won't know unless you try. Good luck.

After that, Xia Qingyi stopped receiving any messages.

Sometimes, people lived under illusions.

It could make you selectively forget the things that had always been with you your entire life, it could give you a peace of mind, and let you feel as though the future would always be like the present.

The moment the illusion fell apart was the moment you have to face reality, and you had to wake up and remember those things you had chosen to forget.

To Mo Han, the phone call from Shen Rou was the moment he woke up.

Shen Rou and he had not been in contact for a long time.

The last time they had spoken, they had a fight on the phone and agreed to give each other some space. That had been about a month ago.

He hesitated, but as the phone continued to ring, he sighed and picked it up.