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52 Arms Around Her Wais

 "Have you finished packing? You're about to be late!" The morning of the next day, Mo Han was standing beside his car in a navy suit, looking at his watch as he urged Xia Qingyi, who was dawdling and packing her things inside.

"Alright, alright, I'll be right out!" Xia Qingyi held something in her hand as she rummaged through the items on the sofa with the other, looking for a book that she had left here.

"Brother, have you seen my book?" Xia Qingyi could not find it anywhere.

"I left it on the table for you yesterday, didn't you see it?"

Xia Qingyi dashed to the table, snatched the book and rushed towards the door. She changed into her shoes unsteadily, grabbed her bag and locked the door before she ran towards Mo Han.

"You wouldn't be this flustered if you woke up earlier," Mo Han said as he leaned against the car window.

"I couldn't wake up early even if I wanted to," Xia Qingyi muttered. She had just reached Mo Han's side when she dropped the book she was carrying. She let out an exasperated sigh, turned around and bent down to pick it up.

As Xia Qingyi bent down, Mo Han's eyes accidentally fell on her exposed waist. He wanted to turn away at first, but he glimpsed something strange.

Xia Qingyi picked up her book and was about to straighten up when she felt someone behind her. Then she felt her waist being held, and a finger gently rubbing against her skin. She jolted and glanced over her shoulder to see Mo Han standing behind, seemingly looking at her waist.

"What's going on?" Xia Qingyi could not understand what was happening.

"What's this on the back of your waist?" Mo Han said coldly.

Xia Qingyi pulled up her clothes and craned her neck to take a look but she could see nothing, "What is it? Is it a scar?"

Mo Han released the hand that was holding onto Xia Qingyi's waist. "Seems to be a tattoo."

Xia Qingyi furrowed her eyebrows and continued to crane her neck, wanting to take a look. "Tattoo? Why don't I know about this? What kind of tattoo is it?"

Mo Han spoke coolly, "It's the back view of a man, with two English letters, C&L."

When she heard the two letters, Xia Qingyi froze, and some fragments of images arose within her mind.

A man was standing behind, a finger touching the skin of her waist.

Xia Qingyi could clearly feel her heart pounding within her chest when she heard the two letters. In that moment, she felt that she was falling into that vast, infinite ocean, as though she was lying on the hospital bed again.

That had to be an important memory. If not, her body would not have reacted in this manner.

Mo Han saw that Xia Qingyi was lost in thought and said, "Do you remember something?"

Xia Qingyi looked at him, nodded, and then shook her head, replying in a small voice, "Nothing much."

Mo Han looked at his watch again. "Then let's go, if not we really will be late."

In the car, Xia Qingyi leaned on the window thinking about the scene that had appeared within her mind. From the moment when she had lost her memories until now, this seemed to be the first time that she had remembered something from the past by herself, and it had made her rather curious. She had been living too comfortably for this period of time at Mo Han's place, and she had come to regard Mo Han as her older brother. She had almost forgotten that she was someone who had been abandoned at the hospital without a past or memories.

What was she like in the past? She wanted to know.

She wanted to know what her family was like. She wanted to know what her friends were like. She wanted to know what kind of environment she had lived in. She wanted to know why she had become like this.

She wanted to know everything about herself.

And she wanted to know that she was not merely an inconsequential person without an identity nor a past.