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41 Half-exposed shir

 Mo Han had already shut his eyes. "Stop talking. Turn off the lights and go to sleep."

Xia Qingyi got up and walked over the huge obstacle lying on the floor to turn off the lights. Somehow as she returned to Mo Han's bed, her heart had slowly calmed down. There was no point thinking about certain things now. She would just solve them to her best ability when they really occurred. What she wanted now was to enjoy every present moment.

She was awoken by Mo Han the next day as usual. Mo Han was already dressed in an exquisitely made suit when she opened her eyes. He was standing by the table, looking for a document he had left there the night before.

"Hurry up and get out of bed. I've already bought breakfast. It's on the dining table outside."

"Okay... What time is it now?" Xia Qingyi was so sleepy she could barely open her eyes.

"It's already eight AM.. Do you have any classes today?"

Every ounce of sleepiness left Xia Qingyi at once. She jumped out of bed like a carp jumping out of water, "Oh no! I have class today! What do I do?"

"I'll send you there in a while." Mo Han had already fastened his tie and put on his watch.

Since Mo Han would be sending her, which would definitely be much faster than taking public transport, Xia Qingyi thought that she could laze in bed for a while longer. With this thought, she lay back down on the bed, ready to get a few minutes more sleep.

Having noticed that Xia Qingyi had no intention of getting out of bed, Mo Han put down his office bag. He moved to lift both the blanket and her, snapping, "Get up now! Don't blame it on me if you end up being late."

Xia Qingyi pouted and grumbled as she scratched her neck. She had slept too well due to the big, comfortable bed. Her hair was so messy that it was comparable to hay. She squinted as she forced herself to freshen up in the washroom.

Mo Han looked down at Xia Qingyi. His angle just so happened to let him catch a faint glimpse of her cleavage under her over-sized pajamas. He turned his head immediately and acted as though nothing had happened. Now that he thought about it, Xia Qingyi had once declared angrily to him that she was not a child but an adult. Looking at this situation, he started to believe it.

Xia Qingyi was still incredibly sleepy as she slowly brushed her teeth in the washroom. Even after washing her face messily, her eyes were still squinted with sleepiness. Her clothes were a mess. One of the buttons of her top had opened, revealing the silky white skin of her bosom. Mo Han turned back to look at her unintentionally, only to see her slightly revealed breasts once again.

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Hurry up and go change your clothes."

Xia Qingyi nodded softly to acknowledge Mo Han's words. Her actions, however, were still slow as she strolled past Mo Han to get her clothes from her so-called room outside.

Xia Qingyi was still in a daze when she had got into the car. She hugged her bag, which contained the materials she needed for the classes that day. She leaned against the car window with her head slightly tilted, watching people hurrying to and fro.

Mo Han could tell that Xia Qingyi was not interested in attending school at all. She had only agreed to go so that he would not worry. Nevertheless, Mo Han continued to nag, "Just try to learn as much as you can in school. It would be useful for when you're working in the future."

Xia Qingyi merely hummed to acknowledge Mo Han's words. She did not know why, but she felt that attending school was not her thing. The boring words irritated her whenever she looked at them. She did not understand why so many people racked their brains trying to earn a spot in a university.

"You should go home by yourself after school. I have some matters to attend to at the law firm and can't get away. Do you know your way back?" Mo Han stared at the road ahead as he steered the car.

"I know my way back. You can just focus on your work."

"If you feel bored, you can come to my office."

Xia Qingyi laughed as she shook her head. "It's alright! It's even more boring at your office. I'll just go home instead."