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38 Please Do Not Sleep Here Anymore

 In the office, Mo Han looked up after a long time, only to realize that Xia Qingyi was gone. She had been quietly reading on the sofa when he had last seen her, though he knew that she would not have been able to understand a single word in the book.

Mo Han stood up, wanting to go look for Xia Qingyi as he placed the documents in his hands down. He saw Xia Qingyi the moment he left his office. She was sitting next to Li Jing, smiling widely as she chatted away with a male colleague next to her.

He frowned. The male colleague stood up immediately once he saw Barrister Mo. He hastily greeted Mo Han, before picking up his documents and hurrying back to his office cubicle.

"Why did you come out?" Mo Han asked Xia Qingyi.

Xia Qingyi was slightly upset that the person she was speaking had ran off the moment he saw Mo Han, "It was too stuffy in the room, so I've came out to walk around."

"Didn't I tell you not to disturb people working?"

"I didn't. He just happened to be passing by so we merely exchanged some words. It's not like he's stopped working," Xia Qingyi retorted, unwilling to back down at her brother's words.

"You shouldn't just walk around like that. Can't you tell me when you're going out?"

"Do I have to tell you even when I leave your office? Besides, if I had told you in the office, wouldn't I have been disturbing your work?"

Li Jing shuddered with fear as she silently watched the entire conversation next to Xia Qingyi. She had never seen someone refute Barrister Mo like this.

Mo Han was perplexed as he faced this 'sister' he had suddenly gained. How could it be that he was usually so silver-tongued in court and could handle any situation easily, yet when it came to Xia Qingyi, he was suddenly tongue-tied?

"I want to go home now." Xia Qingyi looked at Mo Han with pitiful eyes, putting an end to the bickering. She knew that this was something that would always be useful in dealing with Mo Han.

As expected, Mo Han merely looked at her, resigned, "Let me take you back then, it's already so late."

"Are you still coming back to the office?"

Mo Han noted that it was already 8PM as he glanced at his wristwatch. "I'm not coming back. It's time to get off work."

The attention of everyone in the building focused on Mo Han as they heard his words. They did not understand.

Would they not be working overtime until 9PM today? Why was Barrister Mo going home at this time? He was usually the one who stayed latest.

Mo Han glanced around the office and told his subordinates, "Everyone worked hard for this morning's case. You don't have to work overtime until late tonight, please go home earlier."

Everyone widened their eyes at this.

What was going on?

This was the first time they had been allowed to go home at 8PM. This was not Mo Han's style.

Barrister Mo did not notice the various reactions of his colleagues as he casually returned to his office to tidy up his belongings. He then carried his briefcase, took his car keys and left the law firm with Xia Qingyi.

Nevertheless, old habits die hard, and Mo Han lived up to his workaholic nature. He reminded Liu Zhiyuan to email him the information regarding Shengda Shopping Center's economic dispute case before he left.

When they arrived home, Xia Qingyi went straight to Mo Han's room. She washed up, before pulling a blanket to her usual spot beside Mo Han's bed to sleep on it.

"Go back to your room to sleep." Mo Han saw Xia Qingyi already lying down on the rug, eyes closed and ready to sleep as he entered his room to get some clothes to change into.

"It's not raining today and it's not too late either. Why do you like sleeping on the rug in my room?" Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows as he paced up and down the room. Xia Qingyi lay there silently with her eyes closed. Her body was slightly tensed. She was slightly afraid that Mo Han would chase her out of his room.

Knowing that she was not asleep, Mo Han came closer to her. He looked down at her, feeling a little helpless. "Let me tell you, this is the last time. I'll buy you another rug that is exactly the same as this tomorrow and place it in your room. Please do not sleep here anymore."

Xia Qingyi sighed as her body relaxed. The corners of her lips turned up slightly into a smile. She was happy as long as she could sleep here for one more day. She did not know why, but sleeping here next to Mo Han gave her a strong sense of security and comfort.