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36 Siblings with Different Personalities

 "If you're bored, just come over. It's fine as long as you don't disturb me." Mo Han spoke slowly.

"Really?" Xia Qingyi sounded abnormally happy, as her tone unconsciously became higher.


Everyone in the car glanced at him after he had hung up the phone. Liu Zhiyuan's curious eyes was the most obvious since he was sitting in the front passenger seat. Liu Zhiyuan blurted out, "Boss, is that really your sister?"

Mo Han retorted with an indifferent expression, "Yes, else whose? Yours?"

"But, since when do you have a sister? Is she your biological sister? How come we've never seen her before?" Liu Zhiyuan continued babbling.

Mo Han stared straight ahead, as he answered calmly, "My mother adopted her while she was overseas. She came back from overseas recently, wanting to stay here for a while."

"So she's adopted." Liu Zhiyuan opened his mouth wide, "No wonder. I was wondering why she doesn't have the same surname as you."

Having heard that Barrister Mo's family had adopted a younger sister, the people sitting in the back of the vehicle had became interested. "Is it the short haired girl that we saw last night at the office?"

"I saw her yesterday. She has big soulful eyes, and she's quite pretty too."

"How old is she? She seems pretty young. Is she still going to school?"

Mo Han listened to the endless questions from the people sitting behind and laughed, "She's just a regular girl. She is still attending school. There's no need for you all to be so curious."

"How can we not be curious? She's your younger sister." Liu Zhiyuan said, "To be honest, boss, I've never heard you talk about your family. This is, in fact, the first time I'm hearing the term 'younger sister' from you. It's a pretty rare occasion."

Mo Han merely smiled. He had a distant relationship with his parents, unlike most others. His father was mostly strict and silent with him, and while his mother often called him, she tended to talk about topics that he did not wish to discuss.

Very few people knew he was a child who had grown up under intense pressure from his parents. There is often some resignation hiding behind the topics that others did not talk about.

After reaching the office, Mo Han continued his day as usual. He attended a meeting, checked the invoices of the cases on hand, and made phone calls to various people to understand the various aspects of the cases he had.

His life went back to how it had been previously-consisting of only work, work, and more work.

This situation continued until it was temporarily disrupted with the arrival of Xia Qingyi as evening neared.

Learning from the mistake that had caused her to be scolded by Barrister Mo yesterday, Zhang Li hurried over and brought Xia Qingyi to Mo Han's office personally once she saw her arrive.

Xia Qingyi could tell that Zhang Li was not very well. Even with the concealing effect of the foundation she had used, Xia Qingyi could still see the dark circles under Zhang Li's eyes. Though Zhang Li was constantly smiling, her smile did not reach her eyes. Xia Qingyi thought that perhaps she had not slept well after being scolded by Mo Han. She comforted Zhang Li, "My older brother has a quick temper. You must have felt wronged when he scolded you yesterday. Please don't take it to heart."

Zhang Li had not thought that Xia Qingyi would comfort her. She froze for a second, "...It's okay. It was my fault that I didn't do things right."

"It's not like you did anything wrong. You were just doing your job, after all. He made a big fuss."


"But what? Don't think too much, just listen to me."

Zhang Li stared at Xia Qingyi in surprise. Xia Qingyi's personality was completely different from her boss'. Her boss was too strict, and prioritized efficiency over everything else. He placed work at the center of everything he did. His face was constantly expressionless, and it was rare to see him smile. But Xia Qingyi was different. It was obvious from the look in her eyes that she was full of energy. She liked to speak, and liked to smile as well. She cared about the feelings of others and even comforted others.

They were definitely a pair of siblings that were completely different from each other.