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35 This Isn’t My Brother

 "He says he does, but none of us have seen her. She works in America and is beautiful, apparently."

Li Jing's facial expression changed, "He has a girlfriend?"

"Yes. It's a shame that I've never had the chance to meet her."

Mo Han drove, with his colleagues from the law firm sitting at the back of the car. They were looking for a place to have lunch, before heading back to the law firm to continue working.

Mo Han's phone in his bag rang.

Mo Han glanced at his phone, before asking Liu Zhiyuan, who was sitting in the passenger seat, to check who was calling.

"It's a local unknown number without caller identification." Liu Zhiyuan placed the phone in front of Mo Han for him to take a look.

"Answer it. If it's a stranger, just hang up."

Liu Zhiyuan answered the phone. "Hello...?"

"Hm? This isn't my brother's voice?" Xia Qingyi double-checked the number, but she had dialed correctly.

"Who is calling, please?"

"I'm Xia Qingyi, Mo Han's sister."

Liu Zhiyuan immediately thought of the girl that had suddenly appeared at his boss' office the night before. He passed the phone to Mo Han, and mouthed, "It's your sister."

Mo Han was still focused on driving, looking straight ahead, "Please take out the Bluetooth earphones from my bag and pass me the phone."

"When did you get my number?" Mo Han asked, after putting on the Bluetooth earphones.

"I got it last night. I saw your name card in your office yesterday, and just took it with me. You always ask me to call you, but you never gave me your phone number," Xia Qingyi said.

Mo Han had been so busy handling President Zhang's case these past few days that there had been many things that had slipped through the cracks, "I'm sorry. I've been so busy these few days that I forgot about it. Is anything the matter?"

"I'm at school, and have already seen the staff. She says that we need to hand over some documents regarding our family background, but I didn't have any. So, I just wanted to ask if you had any?"

"You're at school?" Mo Han had not thought that she would have gone to school already.

"Yes. I was bored at home this morning, so I just came to school," Xia Qingyi answered casually.

Compared to Xia Qingyi's casual tone, Mo Han's tone was less pleasant. He was obviously not too happy with Xia Qingyi's actions. "Didn't I ask you to rest at home for a few days? And to go to school only when you've recovered?"

The people in the car were shocked into motionlessness at Mo Han's chiding tone. They all knew that he rarely wore his current expression. If it appeared, it would mean that the case he was handling was very tricky and troublesome, and that they all needed to work overtime.

Xia Qingyi explained, "Well... I feel fine. I went for my check up yesterday. The doctor said that I'll be fine as long as I don't do any vigorous exercise. Aren't you the one that wanted me to go to school?"

"Why didn't you let me know before you went to school?"

"I called your phone but you must've been in court and didn't pick up."

Mo Han had no idea how to continue questioning her, merely asking, "Have you met your classmates?"

"I've met them. I just had one lesson. I'm calling you only after class had ended."

"Are you adjusting well?"

"I'm adjusting okay. There isn't really anything that I'm uncomfortable with." Xia Qingyi asked again, hesitation clear in her voice. "I don't have class at night but I don't want to go home so early. Can I come and stay at your office?"

Mo Han paused momentarily. He did not like his personal life overlapping with his work life. He was always been busy and had little time to care about his personal matters, with his time split between the courts and the law firm. Due to President Zhang's case, his life had been a mess as he shuttled back and forth between the two places. It was why he had forgotten to pick up Xia Qingyi from the hospital, and had caused her to wait in vain at his office for long periods of time.

Since she was legally his sister now, it was his responsibility to take care of her. Though, he did not seem to be doing a very good job as he seemed to have neglected her.