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34 Im Sleepy, Brother.

 "Wake up. We're about to go upstairs." Mo Han came down and walked to the car door on the side that Xia Qingyi was sitting. He did not know if he should laugh or cry, seeing her fall asleep again. He looked down at her, rapping on the car window. "Xia Qingyi, get down now!"

Xia Qingyi jerked awake once more. She looked at Mo Han, who looked slightly angry, with half-opened eyes. She felt as though her body was slowly sinking into a mud paddy that was so soft she could not feel anything. Lethargy invaded her, and she completely forgot the situation she was currently in.

"I'm sleepy, brother. Just let me sleep for a while." The voice was barely audible, as though it was coming from a long way off.

Mo Han's heart could not help but soften at the thought of Xia Qingyi being out the whole day with her injuries. Not only that, she had gone to his office to wait for him to get off work until it was 10pm. He bent down to carry her princess-style, resigned to the fact that she was not going to wake up any time soon. He locked the car with the hand that was carrying her upper body, and headed towards his house.

She was really light. The petite girl only reached his shoulders. He could feel her backbone and the thick layer of bandages wrapped around her as he carried her, still deeply asleep. With the light bounce of her calf that was hooked over his arm, it was as if he was merely carrying a small animal, like a cat.

He could not help but think about the origins of her wounds, as he traced the bandages on her body. How could anyone show such disregard for her life? He would find out the truth eventually.

By the time Mo Han had placed Xia Qingyi back in her bedroom, and had taken everything from the car, it was already close to midnight. He returned to the law firm to handle the remaining work ahead of tomorrow.

He had a vague idea of what to do for President Zhang's case now. No matter what President Zhang had done, Mo Han only needed to know that President Zhang's ex-wife's video was a fake. As long as he held onto that fact in court, President Zhang's ex-wife would not be able to get the 12% of the company that she had demanded.

It was not necessary to explain anything further regarding the other parts of the case. The opposing party might be able to find flaws in his defence if he had continued to explain anymore. It was merely a commercial case. He only needed to settle the economic aspect regarding the company shares and the matrimonial aspect of shared assets between the divorcing couple. Anything beyond that was out of his jurisdiction, especially when regarding civil aspects of the law.

He worked alone in his office, arranging the materials and filling in any missing details to his best ability from 1 to 7AM.

The trial started at nine in the morning and continued before finally coming to an end at noon.

The verdict for the case was finally passed down.

"Barrister Mo, you were so amazing just now! How did you know that Zhang's ex-wife's tape was fake?" Li Jing's eyes sparkled in admiration for Mo Han, having followed Mo Han into the courtroom as a staff member of the law firm.

President Zhang's ex-wife's demand for 12% of the company's shares had been rejected, and according to the judge's verdict, as per the norm for a couple's shared assets, she only received a property.

Mo Han merely smiled as he quietly walked down the steps outside the courtroom.

"Barrister Mo lived up to his reputation. I thought that there would be no hope in court today, with the ruckus President Zhang's ex-wife had caused yesterday, but Barrister Mo still managed to find evidence! This is too amazing!" Li Jing softly whispered to Liu Zhiyuan, who was beside her as she stared at the straight posture of Mo Han from behind, while a few colleagues followed behind Mo Han.

"Never question Mo Han's ability. After all, he was the legend of our school's law faculty back then!" Liu Zhiyuan said.

"Does he have a girlfriend then?" Li Jing eyed Mo Yan dreamily with infatuation, as her admiration for him grew stronger.