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30 The Pitiful Eyes

 It was only when she and the boss were approaching him that Liu Zhiyuan suddenly had an realization. "Isn't this the little girl who was fighting with the fat man the other day at the office?"

Mo Han stopped and looked at him, only just realizing that he had seen what had happened to her at the hospital, as well as the fact that he had never seen her before then. If that was the case, this matter of him calling the girl Xia Qingyi would be suspicious.

He showed no emotional change on the surface, just a colder tone. "No, you've got the wrong person."

"But..." Liu Zhiyuan was still pretty certain that she was that girl.

"You've remembered wrongly. She's not that girl. This is my sister." Mo Han corrected him with a straight face.

Liu Zhiyuan touched his chin and looked at the girl opposite him, still thinking that she bore a striking resemblance to the girl who wore the hospital gown and had come to the office. The girl did not seem to mind that he was looking at her and she did not try to avoid his glance either, simply looking back at him.

"Brother, was there someone who looked a lot like me who visited in the past?" Xia Qingyi raised her head up and smiled innocently, looking at Mo Han who was standing erect next to her.

This was the first time the both of them had shown such chemistry, with one leading and the other following. Mo Han quickly continued, "There was a girl who had visited in the past, and to be honest, she did look a little similar to you."

"Who is she? Do you know her?" Mo Han looked at Xia Qingyi's innocent smile, thinking about how she could star in a movie and make a good actress.

"I didn't know her. Just some unknown patient." Mo Han answered, solemnly.

Liu Zhiyuan, overhearing the conversation between the two, felt bewildered and touched his head. He started to doubt his own recollection, and looked closely at Xia Qingyi again. "Now that I'm taking a closer look, she doesn't really look like her."

Mo Han recovered his 'professional' mode, one that was cold and stern and said "Have you finished getting information on President Zhang's ex-wife? If you're done, send it to my office shortly."

After he had finished delegating work to Liu Zhiyuan, he went ahead, leading Xia Qingyi into his office.

The moment she entered his office, her jaw dropped and her eyes flicked left and right. "Wow! Your office is huge!"

His office was shaped in an arc. On one side was a floor-length glass panel where you could stand and see the beautiful night sky outside. On the right side of the door was a rectangular sofa chair. A pure black table was located in the corner of the room, simple and without adornment. Behind the desk was another door which remained closed. It was probably a place for resting.

Mo Han did not mind her looking around his office. He sat in his office chair, picked up some papers from the table and continued to gather information for the court cases the next day. "I'm very busy today. Stay here for a while. I'm knocking off in a bit and we can head home together."

After realizing that her resting place had merely shifted from the reception outside to the office here, Xia Qingyi's mood dampened a little. After all, she had been hungry for an entire day now. Any longer and she could faint.

"Erm... can you... can you help me order some takeout?" Xia Qingyi could not hold herself back from asking.

Mo Han raised his head, looked at her pitiful eyes and kept quiet. He heard her continue, "I've had almost nothing to eat for the entire day now. I'm really famished."

He dialed his secretary's line outside and said, "Order takeout and bring it in to my office."

The assistant, who was in the middle of work, was shocked. The boss had never ordered takeout before. "Well... what do you want?"

Mo Han looked over at Xia Qingyi who was staring at the phone hopefully, and asked softly, "What do you want to eat?"

When one was this hungry, how could they think about anything else? "Anything's fine, as long as the portions are big."

Mo Han replied to his assistant, "You can decide what to order, just be sure to order lots."