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26 Ill Come and Get You in a Short While

 "Did they ask for any particular conditions?" Mo Han calmed down, in an attempt to analyze the situation logically. Zhang's ex-wife was a greedy person. Since she had showed up at his office with this important piece of evidence the previous day at his firm and not at tomorrow's proceedings, it definitely meant that she had ulterior motives.

"She didn't say. She's sitting in reception right now. It looks like she's waiting for you to return."

"I... will be at the office in a little while. Let's discuss things when I get back." Mo Han hung up, opened the door and entered the doctor's room.

Xia Qingyi was holding up her top. Hearing the door open, she turned towards him, revealing her smooth white skin and the wound on her abdomen. The doctor was bent over removing her dressings. By the looks of it, he was going to reapply the dressings for her.

"There's an urgent matter at the law firm. I have to make a trip back." Mo Han said.

Xia Qinyi kept quiet. There was no way to tell what she was feeling at that moment. She was merely bowing her head and watching the doctor's actions.

Mo Han walked closer, took out a credit card and some cash and passed it to her, "I don't think I'll be able to come back in time. Take this money and go to the nearest shopping mall to buy some things, give me a call when you're done shopping, I'll take you back."

Xia Qingyi had no choice but to raise a hand to receive the items before, casually placing them on the doctor's table. She turned to him and said with a smile, "I understand, if you have something to do, please head back first."

The doctor looked perplexed as he watched the two of them. This so-called "brother" of hers did not hesitate at all as he pushed the door and left. As for her, her gaze did not follow him as he left either. She continued to sit there nonchalantly as the doctor dressed her wound. This didn't seem like something a pair of siblings would do. Both of them were way too emotionally calm; nothing about the scenario resembled the atmosphere gently bickering siblings usually had.

So after Mo Han left, the doctor couldn't help but ask her, "Is he really your brother?"

Xia Qingyi had not thought that he would ask such a question. She paused for a moment before recovering quickly. "Yes, he is. What's the matter?"

"What kind of a brother abandons his sister by herself at a hospital?"

"No choice, he's busy with work. Our parents are both overseas, it's just me and him together." She was still smiling, but there was a pained look on her face. Some things couldn't be hidden, no matter how detailed and accurate the identification documents were, it still couldn't change the reality of her not having an identity.

Even the doctor could tell that he didn't seem like her brother at all.

After the bandage had been changed, Xia Qingyi complied with the doctor's instructions to pick up other kinds of medication at the pharmacist. When she left the hospital, she kept her head low and noticed she was still in Mo Han's clothes. Her top was so big it might as well have been a dress. She furrowed her brow in dissatisfaction.

To the mall it is, you've gotta buy yourself some wearable clothes. You've just got here, but you don't even have any basic daily necessities. Just thinking about it sounds shabby.

With that thought, she went to the nearest shopping mall. The shopping mall was so huge that she could not find her way around. She looked around for a long time time before she found a shop selling clothes. However, when she went there and saw an extensive display of clothes, she started to worry again.

She was a person that hated troublesome affairs. The easier everything was the better. Something such as shopping to buy clothes, which demanded a lot from her mentally and physically, truly troubled her. Furthermore, going through this large shopping mall filled with people in nothing but a man's oversized shirt made her feel like a nutcase.

Just as she was thinking about that, a salesperson at the counter smiled and walked over. "Excuse me, can I help you?

Xia Qingyi shrugged and said, "I'm here to buy some clothes."

The salesperson sized her up, pointing to a piece of clothing the mannequin was wearing, continuing to smile at her. "Your body size is rather petite, so you could consider this. It should suit you."

Xia Qingyi followed her gaze and inspected the piece of clothing. It wasn't bad. "Hmm okay, I'll take this one then."

The salesperson was shocked by what she said. She had encountered numerous customers who were unable to decide on a single piece of clothing. But she had never encountered a customer who bought something so carelessly without even checking the price! She stayed rooted to the spot in shock, unsure of how to respond.