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25 We Are Siblings

 "I'll just come back here and live then." Xia Qingyi smiled as she answered.

"Don't you have to work today?" Xia Qingyi inquired again.

Mo Han concentrated on driving the car and answered her calmly, "After sending you to the hospital, I'll go to the office."

Shortly afterwards, they arrived at the hospital. After Mo Han had parked his car, he walked straight ahead while Xia Qingyi followed close behind. The crowded hospital bustling with people still brought some fear into her heart.

She hated the smell of disinfectant in the air, she hated the expressions of pain and numbness. Rather than saying she hated it, a more appropriate expression would be that she feared it.

She was scared, scared of seeing those pale sickly faces. After they had gotten ill, the way they walk would often bring pained expressions. Life started to feel insignificant, as there was no way of telling when one would be gone.

She did not want to be like them, but she understood clearly that she was one of them. A person who had fainted and had just woken up after one week. A person who had lost her past.

"Take off your clothes and let me look at your wound." The doctor wore a mask and looked at Xia Qingyi without any expression.

Xia Qingyi looked at Mo Han a little uncomfortably. He was standing there as straight as a pencil. He did not have much of an expression, merely turning away at a slight angle so that he was not looking at her. She turned back. Lifting her blouse, she felt too embarrassed to show the doctor the wound on her chest, hence only revealing her bandaged abdomen.

The doctor glanced once at her and saw that the bandage had already been soaked through with blood and frowned. "What's going on? Didn't I just change your medication and re-dress it a few days ago?"

Xia Qingyi smiled awkwardly. "I... unintentionally... ripped my wound yesterday as I was going up the staircase."

"I told you already, try not to exercise, just lie in bed. Given your state, I should've made you stay in the hospital for observation."

Xia Qingyi heard the word 'hospital' and started to explain, "Please don't... I was just careless, it's nothing really."

The doctor looked at the tall man, who stood there without uttering a single word, and asked, "You're the patient's relative, yes?"

Mo Han nodded his head.

"What's your relationship? Are you uncle and niece?" The doctor looked at both of them curiously. But no matter how he looked at it, they did not bear any resemblance to each other.

Mo Han's expression cooled. He glared at the doctor, causing the doctor to shudder. Hesitating for a moment, he replied, "We are... siblings."

The doctor had intended to say something, but was interrupted by Mo Han's cell phone. Without waiting for the doctor to respond, he looked at the screen, lowered his head, left the room and picked up the phone call outside.

"What is it?" Mo Han asked in the corridor, using hushed tones.

"Barrister Mo, where are you now?" Liu Zhiyuan spoke anxiously on the other end.

"I'm in the hospital."

"President Zhang's ex-wife came to our law firm. They've changed a representative lawyer, saying they've found some new evidence that could cause us to lose our case."

"What kind of evidence?"

"There's some audiovisual information... it's a videotape of President Zhang accepting a bribe."

Mo Han's facial expression changed. Regarding this case of property division from a divorce, the entire team had been working on it for over a month. All their information was ready. Given no unexpected circumstances, there should not be any huge issues when they attended court tomorrow. President Zhang's businesses and properties could remain untouched. But now Zhang's ex-wife has suddenly provided them with video footage. If the footage was genuine, things might get a little more complicated tomorrow.

"What should we do?" Liu Zhiyuan had no idea.

"Did they ask for any particular conditions?" Mo Han calmed down, in an attempt to analyze the situation logically. Zhang's ex-wife was a greedy person. Since she had showed up at his office with this important piece of evidence the previous day at his firm and not at tomorrow's proceedings, it definitely meant that she had ulterior motives.