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23 I Like You Being Here

 Zzz... Zzz... Midnight-Mo Han's bedroom emitted a tiny noise.

Mo Han had always been a light sleeper. Even though the sound in his room was insignificant, it still woke him up. He sat up and looked around him. He could not see anything but he listened closely. The sound seemed to have disappeared again.

He lay down again, still somewhat suspicious. Closing his eyes, he continued to sleep. But within two minutes, he jerked awake when a thought occurred to him. His wide eyes were overcome with shock as he sat up and flung off his entire blanket, peering at the floor next to his bed.

Indeed, as he had guessed, the person lying on the rug-curled in a blanket while sleeping deeply-was none other than the sister of his who had just moved in, Xia Qingyi!

Speechless, he got off his bed and switched on the light in his room. The light immediately filled the entire room. He crossed his arms, frowning, waiting for the person on the floor to wake up.

Xia Qingyi squinted her eyes with a dazed look as she shielded her face with her hand, trying to adjust to the sudden brightness. She buried her face in her blanket, not understanding what was going on.

"Why did you come to sleep in my room?" Mo Han wore a pair of cotton pajamas and stood with an erect posture. He looked down coldly at Xia Qingyi who was struggling into consciousness by now.

"Your rug is the most comfortable," Xia Qingyi said innocently.

Mo Han had never met a person who had not liked sleeping on the bed or the sofa and preferred sleeping on his rug instead. So he said helplessly, "Go back to your bed and sleep."

Xia Qingyi shook her head. "It's too soft. I can't sleep. I already told you this afternoon."

Mo Han could not understand her behavior. Seeing her sit pitifully on the rug while explaining why she enjoyed it with a completely straight face confused him beyond words.

He gave in and said to the girl who was lying on the rug refusing to get out, "Can you go back to your own room and sleep. I'll take the rug from my room and put it in yours. You can sleep in your own room."

Xia Qingyi seemed to be dissatisfied with his suggestion. Even if he took the rug back to her room; it was so dark-she did not dare to sleep there. As for where she was right now, as soon as she lifted her head she could see someone next to her.

She wouldn't be afraid this way, right?

She really did not want to go back to her own room, so she continued to lie on the rug undefeated by his dismissive attitude. She interlaced her hands and said to him in a pitiable voice, "I don't want to go to that room. Your place here is the most comfortable! You can continue to have your sleep in peace! I won't make a mess, I won't sleep talk, I won't grind my teeth and I promise I won't disturb your sleep."

Mo Han did not accept her suggestion, choosing to stay quiet with his icy look the entire time.

"It's true! And anyways, I'll be sleeping below your bed in any case. You won't be able to see me!

"My room is especially dark; there's no light at all and I'm scared. Wait till I get used to it over these few days and I'll go back, is that okay?"

Xia Qingyi looked at Mo Han, who seemed to be totally unmoved and continued, saying, "On the account that I'm a patient, would you just give in to me a little? After a few days. Just a few days! Once my body is better, I'll return to that room and sleep there."

In order to express how hurt she was, she pressed down on the wound which had been re-dressed a few days ago, wailing with a pale face, "If... I go back to that room... tossing and turning, and can't get to sleep... and end up causing my wound to split open once more, what should I do? I'll probably have to go to the hospital again and it'll be a waste of your money and time at the end of the day. What do you say..."

Mo Han furrowed his brow and interrupted her, "Okay, fine, you don't have to say anymore."

Xia Qingyi stopped for a while and waited to see what else he had to say.

"As you wish. You can sleep on the rug for the next few days then. Just make sure you don't disturb me."

Xia Qingyi smiled with satisfaction. It looked like this stone-faced brother might have some humanity in him every once in a while.

Although Mo Han agreed, he remained tight-lipped. He understood that ever since she had appeared in front of him, his old habits were in danger of going extinct at any given moment.

"Don't disturb me. Remember that." He called out to the girl, as he turned off the lights, his expression troubled.