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22 I Like Sleeping On Your Rug

 "Even if you are my brother now you can't do that." Xia Qingyi did not understand why Mo Han would suddenly mention him being her brother. They were clearly not related! However, the stalemate of a situation before her had made her understand just how difficult it was to reason with a lawyer.

Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows and kept quiet.

Since childhood, there had been very few people who had defied Mo Han's wishes. There were also very few people who would argue with him properly, as now. From a young age, Mo Han had disliked speaking too much. Silent yet rational, he was someone who would consider things thoroughly before committing to them. However, once he did something, he would seldom change his mind. Besides, at the end of the day, reality often proved that his decision was the correct one. So, it was only natural that the people at the law firm would follow and agree with his methods and thoughts.

However, right now, things were different.

Mo Han looked back at the angry Xia Qingyi, who was still glaring at him as though she had been wronged completely, and let out a sigh of exasperation. For some reason, his heart softened. "How about this? You don't have to go to high school. But you have to go to school. Anyway, I won't let you go out to work."

"If I don't go to high school, what school is there for me to go to?" Xia Qingyi was befuddled once again.

"Attend university. You can major in anything you want. If we confirm it, you should be able to attend your classes within three days."

"But..." At the end of the day, the conclusion was still that she would have to head to school obediently. Towards that, she still felt some reluctance.

She was not intentionally trying to worry Mo Han. It was just that, subconsciously, she had a feeling that schooling and her were very foreign entities. To her, studying was something that was thousands of miles away. She did not know what she had been like before she had lost her memory and whether she was really as Mo Han had said-a high school student who should be studying diligently in school.

Even though she had lost her memory, she didn't feel all that interested in her past. In fact, she did not want to know what had happened to her or why she had almost died in the hospital with an entire body of injuries.

Actually, she could guess without even thinking-she knew that those people must not have wanted her to live.

Let them presume that she had died in the hospital then. Right now, she was Xia Qingyi, somebody else altogether.

She was the sister of this cold-faced Barrister Mo, whom she had known for less than a week.

Yet, she was even causing him trouble right from the start, arguing with him over the issue of schooling. This seemed pretty selfish of her.

Xia Qingyi looked at Mo Han's face-one that did not permit anyone to rebuke him for anything at all-and lowered her head, choosing to compromise. "Okay, I'll go to university now. You can choose my major as you deem fit. Just choose whichever you think is decent, I suppose."

Mo Han looked at her. "What changed? Didn't you say that you wouldn't go to school no matter what?"

Xia Qingyi spoke up, "You're my brother now. I'm listening to you."

Mo Han's frosty face finally relaxed. "You're still young at the end of the day. It's still better to learn more things out there. In university, go think about what you want to do. It'll be much easier on you to find a job when you get out later on."

Xia Qingyi did not refute him, choosing to just nod.

Mo Han looked with sudden unfamiliarity at the girl who had all of a sudden become as gentle as a cat. He did not know how to describe this feeling. Clearly, she was going along with his wishes, yet Mo Han had an uncomfortable feeling, as though he had done something wrong instead. He wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth he realized that he did not know what to say. Giving up, he just waved her away. "Go to sleep earlier, alright? Once your injury gets better in a couple of days or so, I'll send you to the school to register."

Xia Qingyi clutched her blanket obediently, and walked towards her bedroom slowly as though nothing had just happened.

Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows and rearranged the documents on the table that Xia Qingyi had just signed. He flopped down onto the sofa. Looking at the area with her signature in her neat handwriting, his mind drifted unconsciously towards how serious she had been when she had signed her name.

Since when had he started wanting to help her? He did seem to have a clue himself.

It seemed to be the time she was at the hospital-when she had wanted to leave the hospital despite being completely lifeless and drained. Or maybe it was the time when he had witnessed on video how she had been kicked out of the car.

Xia Qingyi had never thought she would be staying next to Mo Han either, using the identity of his sister.

She understood clearly that her identity was just an empty shell. It was true that Mo Han had saved her life, but as he had said, it had been an accident. He was the most famous lawyer in this city. What had he not seen before? It was already extremely fortuitous for her to have him provide a place to call her own.

But now, he had even legally allowed her to take on the role of his sister, just to give her an identity.

Xia Qingyi postulated in her heart that perhaps he was just taking pity on her. After some time, he could just wave his hand and shoo her away, treating her as a stranger once again.

She furrowed her eyebrows and thought about why Mo Han was doing this, but she was unable to think of anything. The man's facial expression remained uniform; it was much too difficult to ascertain his thoughts. She shook her head, told herself not to think anymore and held on to her blanket, preparing to head to bed. But when she walked to the bed and looked down at the soft bed, thinking that she could fall right asleep after lying on it, she was stuck.

She truly did not want to sleep in this bed. She had only managed to fall asleep here because she had been so tired yesterday. Comparatively, she still preferred the rug in Mo Han's bedroom.

Furthermore, the lighting in the room was awful. Once night fell, there was barely any light from the outside. The darkness created a particularly lonesome feeling. It was really quite scary being all by herself.

She pursed her lips, pulled the blanket over herself reluctantly and laid down on the bed. Her wound had not healed fully and she was extremely exhausted. But lying there, she was unable to get comfortable, no matter what she tried. She did not feel sleepy, not even slightly. She could not understand how those before her could fall asleep so readily on a bed like this.