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19 Hello Xia Qingyi

 "So? Are you going to make a decision?" Mo Han sat on the sofa, spreading out both his hands. The girl looked at his stern expression and she suddenly felt like he resembled an ancient king interrogating a prisoner in cuffs.

Are you prepared to die?

Her future had basically been prepared by him.

While comatose in the hospital, she had often had a dream, a dream that she was surrounded by a deep blue sea. In her dream she kept sinking, until she could clearly see the inky blue seawater floating in front of her eyes. It was quiet there and there were no living creatures. She tried to scream for help, but she found that she could not utter a single sound. More horrifyingly, she had no idea whose name she was calling. Her only memory was that she was frightened, desperate. There was a moment when she suddenly felt that she was a part of the ocean.

When she woke up, that fear took a long time to subside. It clutched her heart. Every time the doctors and nurses came to her ward, they would ask her whether she remembered anything and she would always shake her head. She hated the feeling of being completely ignorant. She was actually living in this world, but why was it that nobody knew her and nobody could tell her about her past?

She didn't want to live like this anymore.

She looked at Mo Han and smiled bitterly. "It looks like this is the only path for me."

I'll follow behind you and go in the path you have prepared for me, into an unknown world.

Because, in this world, you are the only one I trust.

Mo Han rubbed the bridge between his eyebrows and looked at his watch. Time had passed so quickly that it was already 10 pm. He rose to take his documents in preparation to leave. "It's late. Go to bed."

Suddenly, the girl asked him, "Does this mean that from now on, you're going to be my brother?"

Mo Han froze momentarily. He wasn't used to the term 'brother' at all. "At least before you regain your memory, before you return to your real family. In legal terms, I'll be your brother."

Mo Han stood up, looking at the girl in his ridiculously oversized clothing. The sleeves extended beyond her elbows and the pant legs were rolled up. Her tiny frame only reached his shoulders. She was as skinny as a malnourished child. Gently furrowing his brows, he said, "Tomorrow, continue staying at home. You haven't fully recovered yet so don't go anywhere."

The next morning, Mo Han finally dismantled the 'workaholic' label given to him. He could count the number of hours he spent at the office over the past two days on his fingers. That morning, he made a call to his secretary while driving to tell her he would be late due to some personal matters. His secretary's tone sounded as though she had encountered something earth-shattering, since everyone in the office knew that their employer, Barrister Mo, had never once been late due to personal matters. In fact, he hardly ever expended his energy on matters beyond work.

The urgent matter that Mo Han was referring to was the need to organize all material related to Xia Qingyi. Even though there were many people who had seen her that day at the office, it was better that she kept a low profile. The fewer people that knew about her, the better. An identification card and a letter of intent had to be created as soon as possible.

For now, the most important thing was to find out which orphanage Xia Qingyi had belonged to and where she had been 'adopted' later on. This would help in the process of adoption and it would be easy to create Xia Qingyi's life experience. As for the identification documents, when the legal procedures and documents were in place, everything else would fall into place.

Everyone knew that his efficiency was topnotch. He busied himself for the entire day and got all the documents in order. All that remained were some documents for Xia Qingyi to sign and an up-to-date photograph.

When he returned, Mo Han realized it was already six in the evening. He had originally told his secretary he would arrive slightly late, but now there was no need to go back. So he made another call and let her know that he wouldn't be going into the office today and would postpone the evening's meeting until tomorrow.

Obviously, he never imagined the reaction his secretary had when she heard him over the phone.

What?! Workaholic Barrister Mo is taking a day's leave?! In the past, during the seven days of holiday during National Day, he had spent six of those days at the office! Now he's taking urgent personal leave?

Should we be celebrating or should we be disappointed?