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18 Please Give Me an Identity

 Moments after reaching home, Mo Han picked up the document he had tossed aside before sitting on the sofa. "We need to talk."

The girl did not understand what he meant, so she stood rooted to the spot in confusion.

Was he about to kick her out? Even though she had only been there for one day?

Mo Han loosened his tie and flipped through the documents. "I went to the police station today."

She kept her head lowered and said nothing.

"Your family might not have been contactable for these last few days," Mo Han said.

The girl did not react. She had a calm expression, as though everything he was saying had nothing to do with her.

Mo Han had thought that she would be at least a little upset, but she didn't seem to be reeling in despair as he had imagined.

"A few days ago, you helped me out at the law firm. Now you're alone. But you're no longer a child; I can't send you to a welfare home, so..." For some reason the confidence he exuded in court deserted him at that moment. He was lost for words as he faced the girl.

The girl looked blankly at him, not understanding.

"I've prepared a status for you."

Mo Han realized that his sentence could have various meanings when he finished. He quickly clarified, "Don't misunderstand. What I mean is, you can stay here in my home and live here temporarily."

"So what you're trying to say is that you'll give me a name, a past that people will know about?" The girl was in disbelief. She had been thinking about how he would kick her out in a few days and no longer care about her. But she had never thought that he would help her. It was quite funny when she came to think of it.

Mo Han took out some of the documents and showed them to the girl. "These are the missing orphans in S City over the past ten years who are similar in age and looks as yourself. I spent the afternoon reading the information and I found this. Take a look."

The girl picked up a few thin, yellowed documents. On them were some simple family background details, and a passport photo of a girl. The girl in the photo was staring expressionlessly at the camera.

"But, are she and I...?" This girl looked nothing like her.

"Photos from the past are blurry, so they won't lead to any suspicion. It's been so many years, it's normal to have changes."

"So, you basically want me to become her?"

Mo Han nodded slowly. "Pretty much."

The girl could not find any appropriate expression, so instead she laughed bitterly. She looked at the girl's details on the sheet of paper. She had a beautiful name-Xia Qingyi.

Maybe after some time, this could be her name.

"A lost orphan's background is really easily to manipulate. I'll tell everyone that you're a sister my family had adopted who has just returned. Until you regain your memory, you can use this identity."

"If you agree to it, I'll make the proper arrangements for this over the next few days. Your identity card and other important documents will be prepared for you as well."

"If you say that I'm your adopted sister, what will your parents say?" The girl asked worriedly.

"You don't need to worry about that. My parents live overseas; I'll let them know about it." Mo Han did not seem at all worried about his family's situation. His mother had always wanted a daughter, but life had not turned out that way. After giving birth to him, she was unable to get pregnant again. Not having a daughter had always been her biggest regret. As for his father, he had his own business abroad. For him, as long as it posed no threat to his interests, he would turn a blind eye towards it.

Mo Han's expression became stern. "I'm a lawyer, I won't do things pro bono. Before you find your own family, I'll be responsible for all your living expenses. Of course, once you regain your memory and return to your own family, I'll be asking for all the expenses back."

"In other words, because you helped me once, I'll give you an identity, take up your future expenses, and give you a stable life until you remember who you are."

The girl mulled over his words silently.