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17 Why Are You So Stupid?

 After a long period of slumber, the girl awoke hungry.

She did some rough calculations. Since she had woken up, she had not been full once. The only time she had eaten was when Mo Han had taken her to the Western restaurant for steak. Unfortunately, she had been barely satiated before she had to be rushed to the hospital as a result of the rupturing wound in her abdomen.

A dreaded place like a hospital was somewhere she never wanted to go back to again.

She walked barefoot, her long-sleeved top long enough to cover her hands, while she wore bottoms belonging to the only man she knew. Helplessly, she pulled up the bottoms of her pants to reveal her tiny ankles. Taking small steps, she stepped gingerly on the wooden boards of his home.

The first place she walked to was the fridge. She opened it and unsurprisingly, there was nothing inside she could eat.

It was stocked full of bottled water and beer. The emptiness of the fridge gave her a feeling that this was not a normal person's fridge.

Does he never get hungry?

The girl felt depressed as she pulled open the freezer compartment below. Finally, she found bags full of frozen dumplings at the lowest rung. She rejoiced inwardly. She had finally found something a fridge should have.

Now, filling her stomach was of utmost importance. The girl decisively took the dumplings into the kitchen, boiled some water, and put the dumplings inside.

Once she was inside the kitchen, she surveyed the utensils and kitchen tools. They appeared to have been untouched for an unknown period of time. The girl furrowed her brow deeply. So his kitchen was the most abnormal part of the house! After cooking the dumplings, she took the large bowl and sat on the dining chair, crossed her legs, and tucked into the food happily.

She had eaten just a few, when there was a loud noise outside the door. It was Mo Han.

When he came back, he froze when he saw the girl wolfing down the food hungrily at the kitchen table. Her pant legs were rolled up high and she resembled a child that had secretly worn an adult's clothes. Mo Han was suddenly overcome with a sense of guilt. His clothes had never been worn by anyone else before.

He put down the documents and changed into his slippers, asking, "When did you wake up?"

"Just a while ago. I felt hungry." The girl did not raise her head and she was quite unclear in her reply. She was struggling with the dumplings in her mouth.

Mo Han walked up to the front of the table and looked at the dumplings inside the bowl. He furrowed his brows and lowered his voice, asking, "Where did you get those dumplings from?"

The girl thought he was about to blame him for selfishly eating his food. She replied, "From the fridge."

Mo Han turned and entered the kitchen. When he saw the half-open dumpling packet on the counter, he picked it up and inspected it. Then he sighed deeply in exasperation and looked at the girl who was still eating. "Did you check the expiry date on the packet before you began eating?"

The girl was stunned and stopped eating momentarily. "What?"

Mo Han picked up the packet in his hands. "These are from half a year ago which I forgot to throw out."

The girl looked at the dumplings inside her bowl and bowed her head. "I was too hungry and there was nothing else in your fridge."

Mo Han saw that her eyes were still glued to the bowl of dumplings. He went up to her and took away the bowl. "Don't eat any more. I'll take you out for a meal in a while."

The girl said innocently, "But I'm very hungry right now, can you let me finish this first?"

Mo Han's facial expression changed as he replied in mild irritation, "It's already expired! Be patient, I'll take you outside for some food. After we're done eating I have something important to discuss with you."

She could tell that this man meant what he said and in the present scenario, she chose to keep her mouth shut and follow him out for a meal before he angrily kicked her out of his house.

After she had comfortably tucked into her meal outside and had her stomach was satiated, she lay in Mo Han's car comfortably and rested her eyes. This was the happiest day since she had woken up.

Mo Han remained in silence the whole time. He was focused on driving the car, occasionally looking at the somewhat tired little girl in the passenger seat. She was wearing his clothes and she had put on a coat since they had been dining outside together. All the clothes she wore belonged to him. This made him feel slightly odd.