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13 Marriage Pledge

 "Why are you standing here?" Bai Yu had gone to great lengths to make the payment before finding the ward. There, he saw Mo Han standing outside without entering. He looked inside and saw the girl lying down safe and sound. "How is she?"

"She's just been sewn up. Her anesthesia hasn't worn off yet."

Bai Yu found Mo Han's expression a bit odd. His face was as dark as charcoal and it was unclear what had angered him. It had been a while since anyone had seen him with such an expression. Most of the time, he had a serious face and he seldom smiled. Nobody could really guess what he was thinking. Even as a friend who had known him for eight years, he could not remember the last time he had seen Mo Han with such a dark expression.

"What is your relationship with this girl? Why haven't I seen her before?" Bai Yu asked.

"I met her two days ago. She came to my office in a hospital gown asking me about her identity." Mo Han recalled the first time they met, stifling a laugh.

Bai Yu failed to understand as he cocked his head. "What do you mean?"

Mo Han said, "She has lost her memory. She can't remember anything. One month ago, I came to this hospital and unintentionally paid for her treatment, saving her. When she woke up, she took the invoice and came looking for me at my office, asking me if I knew her."

"You paid for her treatment?" Bai Yu was in disbelief that such a cold-hearted lawyer like Mo Han would be so generous.

"The old man from the Lu family was on his deathbed in the hospital. I had gone to the hospital to await the notary testament. She had fainted in the hospital's yard and there was a huge crowd. The car couldn't go in, so I had no choice but to get Liu Zhiyuan to pay for her treatment. In a way, I saved her life."

Bai Yu smiled. "So this means you are basically her savior."

Bai Yu propped his arm over Mo Han's shoulder and sniggered teasingly. "So... did she come looking for you... to give herself to you?"

Mo Han brushed his hand away. "Do you want me to call the publishers?"


Mo Han enunciated every word, "Your imagination is good enough to write a novel."

While the two of them were speaking outside the ward, they didn't notice that the girl who was lying inside was struggling to get up. The anesthesia on her abdomen had subsided a little and she could feel the recesses of pain. But she no longer wanted to lie down in bed like she had been doing for the past month. She struggled to get up and saw the two people outside. She pushed open the door, leaning against its frame.

"Can you bring me back?" she asked Mo Han who was standing to the side.

Mo Han turned his head to look at her, before realizing that she had already gotten out of bed. "Why are you up?"

"I hate hospitals. I want to leave."

Mo Han wore a cold expression. "The doctor said that your body is still unwell. You can't leave the hospital."

The girl laughed. "What would I do if I stay here in the hospital? I do not have a single cent on me. I can't pay the hospital fees."

Mo Han said, "The payment has already been made. You can stay here until you recover fully."

Bai Yu looked squarely at him, thinking to himself,

the hospital bill was paid by me.

The girl did not understand why the man with a cold face had said that he did not recognize her a few days ago. He had acted as though he did not want to be associated with her at all when they were at his office. Then why was it that after a few days, he was treating her to a meal and paying for her hospital bills?

"Don't waste your money. It's not necessary. I feel fine."

Mo Han chuckled. "You're leaving? It's three in the morning. Where are you going? Are you going to roam the streets?"

"Anywhere. I just don't want to be in a hospital."

Bai Yu looked at the two of them. They looked like they were about to fight each other, but he could not say anything. He was about to open his mouth to persuade them, but his phone rang. There was an urgent call for him, and he needed to return.

Bai Yu silently hung up the phone and observed the tense atmosphere between the two. "I've stayed with both of you for long enough. I have to go now, have a good talk."