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12 Heartache

 After a short pause, Mo Han spoke. "What sort of injuries did she have when she was sent here?"

Doctor Zhang took out the medical docket and explained, "When she was sent here, she was still breathing faintly. Her abdomen had been stabbed, causing internal haemorrhage. Her blood vessels were blocked and she suffered a large stab to her left chest as well, very close to her heart. Two cuts on the left arm, one cut on the right arm, and some minor scratches on her back. She had two broken ribs, but everything has been patched up. What remains are the bruises, nothing major."

The cold medical jargon caused the apathetic Mo Han to suddenly experience some emotional changes. Doctor Zhang, who was sitting right next to him could feel the coldness in his eyes and became a little frightened unknowingly.

He looked at Mo Han's expression and let out a huge sigh. "Your sister is really lucky! She was lying in this hospital, with no one to save her. If not for a kindhearted person who paid for her hospitalization fees and her operation charges, she wouldn't have been able to receive treatment at the Accident & Emergency. If it had been any later, she would be dead by now."

After coming into contact with so many cases, Mo Han had made contact with many violent criminals. He had seen firsthand how violent they could be, but he did not have any feelings towards them. He was unusually objective and calm. All he wanted was to understand the litigant's situation. He never felt sympathy for any of the defendants. For the longest time, he had only wanted to win the cases he was handling.

Everyone in the industry said he was a cold-blooded lawyer with a heart of steel. Even the most violent cases were handled by him in a methodical fashion. Due to this, he could approach things from a very objective point of view, and had become famous in the industry. More and more people wanted him to help them in their lawsuits. They all knew that Mo Han never lost the cases he was involved in.

He knew it clearly himself as well. After so many years, there was nothing else that could perturb his emotions.

But now, something had changed.

When he saw the expressionless girl being stitched up on the hospital bed and heard the doctor describe her injuries, he suddenly felt his heart ache slightly.

If he had not paid for her treatment that night, perhaps she would really be dead by now.

"Why did she lose her memory?" Mo Han took some time before asking.

Doctor Zhang said, "There are many possibilities. To be honest I don't really know myself. Her head did not suffer any blows, but perhaps she has an intense fear of something in her past. As she doesn't want to recall the past, her brain has selectively forgotten her memories."

Doctor Zhang said, "About this, you don't have to worry. You are her brother. There are many memories that can be retrieved again. The most important thing right now is to recover her physical condition."

When Mo Han went to the ward, he did not enter. He stood outside and looked at the girl lying on the hospital bed, observing her quietly through the glass windows. Perhaps it was a result of the anesthesia. She remained quiet and lay there quietly. Her eyes were wide and it was a mystery what she was thinking about. Her face was still a little pale, her short hair framed her tiny face and her eyes deeply sunken. She looked exhausted.

At that moment, the girl in front of them was like an abandoned, broken doll.

For some inexplicable reason, Mo Han felt irritated. He was about to take a packet of cigarettes from his pocket to smoke. But as he was about to light up, he remembered he was in a hospital. He was not permitted to smoke here, so he gave up. He placed the cigarettes back into his pocket.

"Why are you standing here?" Bai Yu had gone to great lengths to make the payment before finding the ward. There, he saw Mo Han standing outside without entering. He looked inside and saw the girl lying down safe and sound. "How is she?"