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11 Is She Your Sister?

 After arriving at the hospital, Mo Han carried her and sent her straight to the Accident & Emergency theater. When a nurse frantically pushing a stretcher saw the girl in his arms, her eyes widened, saying, "Aren't you... that patient... who ran away?"

When the nurse saw that her abdomen was covered in fresh blood and saw that she was pale, her expression changed. She looked at the two men standing next to her. "What happened? How did she get herself into such a state?"

Mo Han replied, "The wound in her abdomen burst."

The nurse turned her head to look at the girl on the stretcher and furrowed her eyebrows. "You suffered, didn't you? We told you that you had just woken up and your body has yet to fully recover but you snuck off. What good has it done you? Look at what state you are in, with you back here again?"

Her abdomen felt so painful like it was being set on fire. She looked pained and said, "Miss, if you don't dress my wounds again, I'm really going to die, it hurts so much."

The nurse looked her in the eye and looked back at Mo Han. "Go downstairs and get the paperwork and payment done."

After saying this, she pushed the stretcher inside and started to dress her wounds again.

"Go downstairs and pay the medical bills. I'll follow her." Without waiting for Bai Yu's reply, Mo Han strode after the nurse.

Bai Yu stomped his feet on the ground and shouted, "Eh... Are you just going to ignore me like that? Wait for me, I don't even know where the cashier is!" He saw that Mo Han had already walked off quite far, so he pursed his lips and unwillingly went to handle the registration.

Doctor Zhang gave her local anesthesia, lay her on a white bed, and prepared some basic equipment to stop the bleeding before he began stitching up the wound again.

He wore a mask and looked at the patient, who had widened her eyes and closed her mouth. She looked like she was completely fine. He laughed and said, "This isn't the first time your wound burst, right? Let's see if you will run away again!

"It's lucky that you regained consciousness. For somebody who tried to run away while her body hadn't fully recovered, the rupturing of your wound is considered relatively minor.

"Have you ever thought about what would happen if your wound became infected or diseased? If you end up with a fever, it won't be as simple as stitching up a wound here anymore."

As Doctor Zhang stitched the wound, he advised the patient who had given them trouble from the moment she was sent in. When she was sent in, there had been two major wounds on her body. Each of them could have easily taken her life. Her abdomen was pierced through, causing significant internal bleeding. Her chest had a wound as well, about 0.3 cm away from her heart. She had been comatose for over two weeks and had been in the operating theater three times. Warnings of her critical condition had been triggered four times. After that entire ordeal, she had been awake for barely a day before she snuck off.

He felt that the fact that her medical record could be displayed as one of the hospital's miracles.

After stitching her up, Doctor Zhang removed his gloves and said, "Why don't you take a little rest here. I'll take a look at your wound again after the anesthesia has subsided."

After Doctor Zhang left, he saw Mo Han, who happened to be standing in the doorway. Naturally, he thought he was the family of the patient, so he took off his mask and asked him to follow him to the duty room.

"Her body hasn't fully recovered. Don't let her do any vigorous exercises. If her wound were to split open again like this time, it won't be so easy to treat." Doctor Zhang said while seated in his office chair.

"You're her brother, right? Why did it take so long for you to find her?" Doctor Zhang asked.

Mo Han felt a little baffled. He was about to explain, but he could only hear Doctor Zhang's tirade. "She's been lying here in the hospital for two weeks and I haven't seen a single family member visit. When she woke up, she had already lost her memory. She wanted to look for all of you but she didn't know where to start looking. It's not that I want to criticize you, but how much do you really care about her? She barely survived, please take good care of her."

Doctor Zhang saw that Mo Han was just sitting silently on the chair facing him with a calm expression on his face. He thought puzzledly to himself...

Are they really brother and sister?