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10 Dont Worry, I Wont Die.

 After the dishes were served, the two of them ate silently. Neither spoke. She was truly hungry; she had not eaten anything since she had left the hospital; hence, her stomach was cramping. She had had no choice but to go to the supermarket, hoping to get something to eat on credit. But she had not really thought that things would escalate so quickly. The cashier had wanted to send her to the police station.

She wolfed down her food and looked at the man opposite her. Mo Han's meal had only been half eaten. He ate with his back very straight, his erect posture exuding a sense of security. He was silent while he ate with his head constantly lowered. His deft actions made it obvious that he frequently patronized Western restaurants.

Looking at the soup dish with only a small portion of soup remaining, she was no longer hungry. But she was bored, and sitting here watching him eat was awkward. She decided to get up and use the washroom.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the washroom." Just after finishing her sentence, she accidentally knocked her abdomen against the corner of the table while standing up. Instantly, there was a searing pain in her abdomen which overwhelmed her body.

She grimaced as she held her abdomen with her hands. Staring down at herself, she realized that her hand was covered in blood. Some of the blood had soaked into her clothing. Her wound must have opened again.

Mo Han stopped eating, fork and knife still in his hand. When he saw that she was gripping her abdomen in pain, he looked unnerved. "What happened?"

She was in so much pain that she could not speak, and her teeth were chattering.

Mo Han felt something was amiss. He walked up to her and it was only then that he saw the blood pouring from her abdomen. The bottom half of her clothes were soaked in blood. He immediately held her shoulder. He asked with furrowed brows, "What's the matter?"

She replied weakly, "My wound... it has split open. Can you please take me to the hospital?"

Mo Han carried her to the car, prepared to drive to the hospital.

Bai Yu was sitting at the front counter when he saw Mo Han, who was carrying the girl, leaving in a hurry. He chased from behind and kept asking, "Eh! What happened? Can you please tell me what's happening?"

Mo Han carried the weak and nearly weightless girl and said, "I'm bringing her to the hospital, put this meal on my tab."

From behind, Bai Yu leaned forward. "Bring me as well! There'll be an extra person to help out."

Mo Han started driving the car whilst the girl lay weakly in the backseat. Both her hands were on her abdomen, fresh blood bleeding through her fingers. Bai Yu sat next to her. Shocked at what he was seeing, he asked Mo Han, who was driving as fast as possible, "What's happening to her? How did she get soaked in so much blood? Wasn't she fine just a moment ago?"

"Her wound burst open."

"Wound? What wound? From her present situation, it's definitely not a small wound. What trouble did this little girl get into?" Bai Yu looked at her pale face, almost as though she was about to faint, and felt somewhat afraid.

"She's not going to die here is she?" Bai Yu spoke without thinking, looking at Mo Han who was driving with utmost seriousness.

In the driver's seat, Mo Han had a steely expression and did not say a word. The girl, who was lying next to Bai Yu as though she had fainted, suddenly struggled to open her mouth. "Don't worry, I won't die, I'm just bleeding a little more."

Bai Yu had a face of disbelief as he looked at the girl, who could still say she was fine, despite the pain she was going through. He could not help but wonder, what was the background of this girl? How could she remain so calm? She was bleeding so much. Any other girl would have been scared to tears, but she still had time to debate with him about whether she would die or not.

Furthermore, Mo Han was a man who tended to keep a distance away from strangers, as icy and distant as a mountain.

Why would he take the initiative to drive her to his restaurant for a meal?

What exactly was their relationship?