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6 The Secret of the Acid

 Things came to a halt for two seconds. By the time they had snapped out of their daze, they realized that the girl was completely fine. She stood up and smiled, but did not say a word.

The fat man was taken aback when he saw that she was fine. He stared at the bottle in his hand in disbelief. "Impossible! This is impossible!" He raised his foot in rage, wanting to kick the girl one more time. But somebody came over and pulled him away, protecting her in a timely fashion.

The company staff saw that their boss, Barrister Mo, had pulled the girl aside before rushing forward to deliver a beautiful spinning kick, sending the fat man down to the floor. He quickly pressed down on the man and restrained him. His entire body clamped down on the struggling man until he stopped moving.

"Security, come over here. I'll leave the rest to you," Mo Han stated indifferently as he stood up and massaged his wrists.

The chaos had stopped temporarily. Everyone turned to look at the girl who had spoken. She had been hurt to begin with, plus the burly man had kicked her, so now she was even paler. Her expression remained unchanged as she looked at the mess on the ground.

"You! Come with me. Everyone else, please tidy up the office." Mo Han looked at the girl and walked into the reception room from before.

She entered and stayed at the door. Mo Han took a seat in the middle of the room, loosened his tie, and asked, "So, what happened just now?"

She looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean what happened just now?"

"How did you know that wasn't sulfuric acid?" Mo Han explained patiently.

"I guessed," she replied casually.

Mo Han smiled as he sized up the fearless young girl in front of him. "Now then, you are incredibly brave." Then his smile disappeared, like a lion waiting to catch his prey, his fingers tapped the table gently. "Don't lie to me. how did you know that it wasn't sulfuric acid?"

His seemingly casual voice actually left one feeling intimidated. It was a certain anxiousness that was difficult to describe. Perhaps it was this presence that caused every opponent to lose to him terribly in the courtroom.

She looked at his tapping fingers and took on a weaker stance. "Well, I know that sulfuric acid is actually colorless with an oil-like texture. His was different and looked more like water."

"Just that?" Mo Han retorted.

"Concentrated sulfuric acid is seldom used. Dust gathers on the openings. It's easy to tell at a glance that his bottle was frequently used. Maybe he took the wrong bottle by accident when he was at the hospital."

"How do you know all this?"

She shook her head. "I don't know... I told you... I've lost my memory. There are lots of things that I can't understand."

Mo Han fell silent and leaned against his chair, pondering as he tapped the desk occasionally. The atmosphere was that of a lion about to pounce. It was very difficult to ignore. The atmosphere in the room remained tense, and it was so quiet that you could hear the ticking on the wall clock as each second passed.

"Barrister Mo, please take a look at this. There's a case regarding W city which requires your handling," Liu Zhiyuan opened the door and said to him nervously.

Mo Han walked to the door and said to Liu Zhiyuan, "Send her to the police station. She's lost her memory, do a search and see if we can find out who she is. I'll be right there after I finish off some work here."

Liu Zhiyuan complied with his employer's instructions and gestured to the girl to leave with him. The girl hesitated for a very long time and looked at Mo Han from the corner of her eye, seemingly unwilling to leave. However, she finally followed Liu Zhiyuan out the door after some hesitation.